I Will Always Love You

One blog, fifteen bestselling books, and one hit TV show later…a lot can change, but some things never do. B, S, N, D, J, and V are still my favorite people to gossip about. And you, my loyal followers, are still my favorite people to gossip with. That’s why you will be the very first to know what happens next…starting now.

GGHC-Final (2)

Here’s an excerpt from my new book, I Will Always Love You, and a hint: B thinks she’s dreaming, but she’s not…

Blair felt a warm hand on her hip, just above her La Perla boycut panties. She murmured slightly, nestling into the warm body settling in next to her. She smelled the scent of L’Occitane soap and a little bit of pot. As soon as she inhaled, a tingly feeling shot through her. It smelled like Nate. Nate had somehow sensed her distress, and come for her. Maybe this was all a dream, but at this point, she’d take dream Nate. She squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to wake up and break the spell.

I hate to be a tease…but you won’t believe what happens next. Take home I Will Always Love You, and find out for yourself. ORDER IT.


  1. abigail Said:

    OMG. can’t wait to read that. sooooo excited. :)
    xoxo. ♥

  2. Amanda Said:


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  5. J Said:

    Yay! This is fantastic! Nate/Blair FTMFW! <3

  6. Gigi Said:

    Nate and Blair! I’ve been waiting years for this. This is the way it should be. NB belong together!

    Can’t wait!

  7. Livia. Said:

    NB NB NB NB! Keep them together! :]

  8. anna Said:

    AHHH i cannot wait! NATE&BLAIR!

  9. Noelle Said:

    THANK YOU CECILY! Blair and Nate is the best, I hate that they’re not together in the show. :(

  10. Jordan Said:

    YES! NB <3 it's about time. I've missed them. Thanks Cecily!

    Please let it actually end with them, the show is disapointing enough.

  11. midz Said:

    OMG a million scenes are going thru my head! err, Nate and pot? haha
    but then again, i heart Chuck!

  12. Jena Said:

    Blair + Chuck<3

  13. Nurul. Said:

    Aaaaah, Blair & Nate!
    Tbh, Blair looks good with both Nate/Chuck. :D <333

  14. rachel Said:

    I don’t think N&B belong together.Chuck is the best for her.even the game they’re playin’ has an amazing charm..

  15. rachel Said:

    These are the GG BOOKS, not the show. So all of you CB show fans need to go elsewhere to avoid disappointment. The books are ten times better than the show regardless. Go NB!

  16. takiyah Said:

    nb nb nb nb nb nb nb nb nb nb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their d bomb

  17. kait Said:

    I <3 B & N but S & N are my favorite. They seem more compatable.

  18. N Said:

    Nate and Blair need to happen! She needs to be the one he picks!
    the show is so disappointing!

  19. Nathanielfitzwilliamarchibald Said:

    Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair! Nate and Blair!

    Nathaniel Fitzwilliam Archibald will get married to Blair Cornelia Waldorf :)

    They’re perfect: He’s not that smart, she’s intelligent :P And besides Serena will probably be with some Hollywood actor. Since, she’s going to be an actress.

  20. danielle Said:

    i’m so excited about this! nate HAS to choose blair. he just has to!

  21. S Said:

    Finally another book about the real Upper East Siders (:

    I am so excited for it, that I ordered it straight to Germany, cause I just can’t wait till it arrives here somewhen in the next year lol.

    And I really hope N and B get togeter, I mean – they belong together. Always have, always will (;

  22. Ilenia Said:

    B&C <3 forever and ever!

  23. Rebecca von Uckermann Said:

    Nate and Blair are so perfect!
    No for BC and NS!

  24. el aye Said:

    whoever is saying that blair and chuck need to be together are only saying that because of the show
    but if the show had actually followed the books, chuck would be a monkey toting, pinky wearing, experimental gay and totally not right for blair

    so of course b&n forever<3

  25. S Said:

    definitely nate and blair

    (thumbs up) super couple

    i like serena but blair is better, probably because im more like her

    anyways it’s totally b & n

    i love GG series


  26. Vicky Said:

    everyone needs to stop saying that blair and chuck are only in the show because i just finished the book and they do get together. There is hardly any Blair and Nate. Chuck goes to some wierd farm thing for college and when he comes back, he is different and really nice so he gets together with blair. sorry to disappoint all those NB fans…

  27. J Said:

    sorry to burst your bubble but ill tell you this Nate isnt going to end up with Blair or Serena or Jenny at the end of this book BUT Jenny is going to lose her virginity to Nate!!!!!

  28. SPOILER (details and all) Said:


    BLAIR:stayed with pete ( her boyfriend )during christmas and was uninvited on there trip to some island (forgot) so she went to NYC to meet up with serena to cut it short serena ditched blair….. blair found nate they hooked up…pete proposed at tiffanys (aww) blair rejected him and ran back to nate, then serena realizing she loves nate goes to his house and gets in to a real fight with blair…. fed up nate leaves them both and vannesa cheats on dan

    Blair patched thing up with pete and went to chucks NYE party she found N and S kissing….pete asks her whats wrong and she tells him everything even how nate and her hooked up last year he gets mad and leaves blair she goes to bed alone s & n however go to serenas apartment s realizes he would always choose Blair first she kicks him out n gets drunk realizing he loves blair sneaks into her hotel room and into her bed blair freaks out and pete walks in and dumps her the chapter ending with blair and chuck at the bar (btw chuck is completly normal no pink shirts or monkey) and serena and dan at a coffee shop and nate leaving town

    it starts with jenny looking at colleges lost when nate comes to help her jenny brings nate to serena and dan to help him find a place to stay they decide to break into blairs newport house where blair chuck and her dad and his gay partner and family are staying blairs father lets them stay then jenny sneaks into nates room not finding him she plays dress up where nate finds her in a wedding dress he kisses her and she leaves then serena and blair caught each other trying to sneak into nates room dan and serenas relationship gets rocky when she gets mad at him for being a downer then jenny sneaks into nates room and loses her virginity to nate it ends with nate and jenny running away together and serena and dan going to his loft finding vannesa & serena getting jealous

    Jenny and nate are together and in love they go to blairs mothers party blair there with chuck and serena with dan still but dan wasnt at the party elenor worried about her daughters feelings she moves jenny next to tyler blairs brother who jenny finds an instant connection with…. jenny and nate go home but jenny goes out and parties with elise at tylers club where he djs…. serena and blair sneak into nates house and watches breakfast at tiffanys with eachother when jenny comes home nate didnt want to do anything jenny feeling that shes not going to do anything with her life if she stays with him….dumps him nate to sad to even say her name she leaves crying saying i will always love you
    at the NYE party jenny is with tyler and serena broke up with dan and blair breaks up with chuck nate txts them both as they both show up serena and blair choose eachother in stead of nate

  29. n Said:

    Nate and Blair are pathetic in the tv series,
    and even worse in the books.
    nate and serena are destined to be together, in the books and in the series.
    have you read the gossip girl prequel, it had to be you?
    that will show you that it’s serena and nate.
    blair is just some spoilt, desperate, sulky and annoying little baby in the books.
    and anyway, it turns out to be chuck that shes lying next to,
    not nate. LOL

  30. LyDiAa Said:

    Sooooo not a fan of Blair and Chuck it totally has to be Blair and Nate.
    I love Blair and Nate together they totally suit each other.
    B&N together forever.
    Rumor has it that Nate ends up with Vanessa in season 2 after B breaks up with him to be with Chuck.

    B&N forever
    B&N forever

  31. ashley Said:

    I read the book over christmas break and i cant rememeber a quote that was amazing. it was near the middle of the book. i think the narrator said it not a particular character. im at college and left the book at home. it was about life and reflection

    it would be great if someone could help!!!

  32. Miih Said:

    Blair and Chuck

    Nate and Serena!!

  33. Alex♥Chuck Said:

    Nate and Blair together is not cool! Boring. Chuck and Blair work so well because they suit soooo well and he’s so bad. C&B till the end. And Chuck is bang tidy ♥

  34. BlairNateSerena Said:

    It’s sort of odd that a almost 400 page book was spent to re-establish the fact that Nate isnt ending up with either Blair or Serena. But what really bothers me is that Little Jenny Humphrey gets to say the important line “I will Always Love You” when really the story is the love triangle between N B and S. No offense but Jenny’s always going to look childish compared to the rest of the characters.

  35. Darya Said:

    I’m glad that Chuck and Blair got together but she should have at least ended up with him after she chooses Serena over Nate. I wanted her to end up with Nate though. I hate NS!!! Especially on tv!!! Blake Lively isn’t even beautiful like Serena’s supposed to be!!!!

  36. B nd N, B nd C- ?? Said:

    I looovvve blair and nate together and blair and chuck together, i just cant stand to c serena with nate. i love serena but i hate how she always has to be better then blair. Blair is AMAZING, and it puts me down when serena and blair r’nt friends. im glad they decide to be friends and not let a guy interfere thier frndship. BLAIR AND SERENA 4EVR!!

  37. tasha Said:

    while reading the books im all for n and b being together…..i think its because we’ve seen n and b share a special bond throughout the series…..which is why i believe that blair should have ended up with nate in the books……..but its a completely different story when it comes to the show….where i find that c and b are just amazing ….but then again thats juss my opinion…anyways this was an awesome book :)

  38. disappointed Said:

    i was so incredibly disappointed when i read the last book. blair and nate belong together, and serena just cuts in and screws everything up when shes feeling whimsical. i know the suspense was great with all this juggling and decision making of nates, but i really feel like the series should have ended up with him choosing blair. if serenas so gorgeous and sunny she should just find some other delcious looking boy, but nate belongs with blair! weve already seen the ending where serena and blair choose each other in the book before, so its not really anything new. i wish youd write a final one where nate chooses blair. and sure serena can suffer for a bit but shell get over it and find a new hubby to drool over her.

  39. Katelyn Said:

    Blair belongs with Chuck, why would she still want to be with him after he slept with Serena? She’s just setting herself up for that again. I think Serena and Nate are perfect together but they just have trust issues. Honestly, Chuck and Blair and Serena and Nate are the only couples that; if they actually try then they could be happy together.

  40. kt Said:

    im intrested in reading some of the books seeing as i have already become a fan of the t.v program (i know there very dirffrent) i know i should start at the beging of the books but i really want to read the best one first but im not sure what that one is (i love chuck and blair as acouple) so what book do you think is the best??? :) xx

  41. PeruZa Said:

    I think Nate and Serena should be together !!! It’s obvious that Chuck and Blair love eachother. But Serena needs to make up her mind, it keeps going from Dan to Nate in the show ! It’s getting annoying. You can tell that Dan will be with Vanessa because the do love eachother so it’s obvious that Serena will be with Nate.. Hopefully… ? I havent read the bks so dunno.

  42. leslie Said:

    Well the books and the show are different and I think the writers put certain things from the book into the show to make everyone happy. I don’t really think there should be a divide between the people who love the books and the people who love the show and only the show. Equally, the franchise is loved.

    But anyways, I can see the difference between the show and the books and I honestly love both. I’m reading I Will Always Love You now and I kind of like the differences between the books and the show. When a show is put out based on something you can’t expect everything to follow what was written on paper.

  43. GG FAN #1 Said:





  44. mirela Said:

    i really didn’t like the drama between chuck and blair, in the show. i’m sorry. in the book i instantly fell in love with blair and nate. even though nate is total mess, he still did all those small things(the ring,the heart from tiffany,he traveled with blair on the boat,he chose blair,etc) and as for blair if she doesn’t ends up with nate, i’d rather she ends up pete,than chuck.and i know serena and nate make sense with their own world,and don’t know what to do with their lifes bla bla.BUT N&B

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