Ian Somerhalder Has a Problem With Bath Salts…

Spotted: Ian Somerhalder at the Swissotel Neuss in Germany where he and The Vampire Diaries costar Paul Wesley were on hand for something called BloodCon (um, no thank you)…and Ian did not seem pleased with what he found in his room…

“This hotel room is really well appointed–if your CRAZY!” he said on Instagram. (I’ll go ahead and blame that your/you’re slip on jet lag.) “Say NO to that crap…Keep yourself and everyone else safe around you safe.”


Oh Ian. It appears that those are actual bath salts–the sprinky foamy things you put in your tub when you want a nice luxurious soak. Not the drugs nicknamed bath salts.

But could Mr. S just be kidding around and is totes in on the joke? Hopefully!


  1. sami Said:

    are you shitting me? why was this even written? OF COURSE, HE WAS KIDDING. gg, you can be quite dumb a lot of times.

  2. Lana Said:

    Of course this is a joke!

  3. sabrina Said:

    It’s not called BloodCon, it’s called BloodyCon! just saying..

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