Did Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Reunite?

I spied Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev reuniting at the CW Upfronts yesterday, but it was all business and probably no pleasure for the recent exes. They stayed pretty distant except when having to be on stage to present their show — in fact, the two didn’t even walk the red carpet together.

Nina, wearing a pretty blue dress, made sure to look hot — a rule that all It Girls must live by when first seeing their exes after a breakup.

According to one of my sources though, the two are still friends. “There’s no bad blood between them,” the source said, throwing a bad Vampire Diaries-related pun in there. “There was no other person involved or any big fight.”

Do you think Nina and Ian will remain uber-professional and continue to make magic together on the show a’la Penn and Blake, or will things suck for everyone on set now?

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  1. Kiska Said:

    I hope they will get back together, cause they’re perfect together!

  2. Cam Said:

    I want them to go back again. Like in the show they’re so cute together that when I found out they broke up I felt horrible. They’re perfect for each other!

  3. phoebeann Said:

    I think that Nina got scared of marrige, and that’s why they broke up, but I think that they will be back together soon…

  4. classysass Said:

    Is she the only one in the universe that doesn’t want to marry Ian? I’ll take him, Nina pass it this way!

  5. Shreeradhe Said:

    Omg! They HAVE 2 gt bk tgthr! Thr z no odr way!!!!

  6. Erin Said:

    Whoa what, They broke up? Just in March’s Seventeen she was all team Ian.

  7. MX Said:

    I liked them as a couple. If they don’t get back together, at least I hope they can stand each other because I love VD

  8. @beangelic1000 Said:

    I hope that Ian and Nina can work things out and give each other another chance, and I wish them both well….

  9. I love you nina&ian Said:

    I love Nina and Ian together and I hope to return to some of them they’re cute love :))

  10. Abigail Said:

    omg they have to get back together there are ment for each other.

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