Scene & Heard: Ian Somerhalder on His Bedroom Behavior

“My spirit animal in bed is a black panther–calm and sleek.”–Ian Somerhalder tells Women’s Health mag about what he’s like behind closed doors…and thus makes every human female (and some of the males) swoon.


I’ll let you be alone with that visual image, but after you awaken from your coma of lust, tell me if there is any doubt left in your mind that Ian was born to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades movie? You know you love me…XOXO.

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  1. Benanta Said:

    If he doesn’t play Christian Grey I’m not watching the movie!

  2. Zoey Said:

    He’s perfect <333 love him

  3. me Said:

    I visualized him as christian all along while reading the book.

  4. Lynn Said:

    He is Christian Grey personified. Just amazing!

  5. MX Said:

    He is perfect!

  6. Pamela Said:

    He IS Christian Grey. Can’t picture someone else as oh-so-sexy Mr. Grey.

  7. Andreea Said:

    I did not need that information!

  8. Ash Said:

    i really really don’t like Ian at all. No acting skills. just those “looks” which he uses to grab attention. two expressions, however are visible- the puppy dog eyes and the smirk. eurgh. as far as CG is concerned, Matt Bomer is way better. and even Josh Duhamel for that matter. Eric Dane too.

  9. veee Said:! i died and went to heaven. almost came. almost!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh i am so not watching the movie if it’s not gonna be him!!!

  10. Janina Said:

    It would be wrong not to have Ian as Christian Grey.

  11. Ixa Said:

    Not all women swoon for Ian Somerhalder.Even if he is handsome he’s too much of a cynical douchebag for some of our liking.I prefer Matt Bomer to play Christian Grey <3

  12. smosh-just a fan -_- Said:

    There IS a doubt because Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey -_-

  13. Beep Said:

    I hope Ian wouldn’t play Christian Grey simply for moral purposes. Those books are terrible, just another series to tell teenaged girls that it’s okay to be in an abusive relationship (and that’s it’s okay to whore yourself out for money — A+). Not to mention the fact that the book started out as Twilight fanfiction, which just. No.

  14. Emily Said:

    He is soooo perfect<3 Love him

  15. John Said:


  16. elle Said:

    I hav nothing against Ian but I don’t think he would b the best Christian grey. For me the part goes to Matt bomer. He can pull the rich-troubled act so much better than Ian.

  17. Deviroanne Said:

    He IS Christian Grey for me. Why?No explanations needed.Some people telling he’s not a good actor is just plain dumb and just wanted to pull Ians chances down and want their favorite to play the part.How ’bout: ____ ______ shouldn’t play Christian Grey?It won’t be believable ’cause he’s blah blah blah. he’s not good looking enough blah blah blah and can’t smolder it out like christian in the books. The blanked line goes to whom ever you are.

    fans have spoken and “IAN SOMERHALDER IS CG”

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