First Look: Ian Somerhalder Sports a Suit and Tie in His New Movie Trailer

Ian SomerhalderSpotted: The Vampire DiariesIan Somerhalder looking sharp in his new trailer for Time Framed (no release date confirmed just yet– the movie studio just wanted to whet our appetite, which I am A-ok with….)

Honestly I really have no idea what the movie is about because I was too focused on how handsome he was in his suit during the preview. What I did make out (mmm… make out…) was that his character is some kind of secret agent who dresses nicely and there’s some framing going on.

But really, dolls, does plot really matter when you have such OMFGorgeous eye candy to gawk at during the feature? Fine…. Here’s the official synopsis:

Time Framed tells the story of Agent Truman Black (Ian Somerhalder), a gun-for-hire secret operative who is entrained to protect government and corporate interests in high-stakes missions. During his latest assignment to stop the supposed heist and expulsion of a revolutionary clean energy method that brings free power across the world, he finds himself framed and becomes a whistleblower that uncovers truths about control and corruption.
Watch the drool-worthy trailer below and tell me if you wish Ian wore more tuxes on TVD or if you prefer his shirtless scenes even more? XOXO


  1. TazBiz Said:

    He is seriously the most delicouslyomyfrickinsmexylicouslygergousfithotyummypopsicle in the UNIVERSE
    there you go! longest word eva created by TazAbrary JUST for IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dee Said:

    “We watch the story unravel in a mini-series directed by Sinisha Nisevic and produced by Melissa Miller and SinFactory Media. See all of the films and more at and stay tuned to our facebook and twitter pages for exclusive updates and content.” not a theatrical release

  3. vian Said:

    OH gosh. srly? no wonder i may end up watching this all over again coz always getting my jaw dropped whenever this thud is on scree. :PP

  4. Liana Said:

    Like you, GG, I have no idea what the movie is about. It even doesn’t look that entertaining plot-wise BUT I may just see it because of Ian. Also caught that he was one of the producers.

  5. Jamie K. Said:

    Ian is mesmerizing in anything he does. This is a series of web short films with the underlying message of how we need to protect our environment. A subject very near and dear to him with his foundation etc. Hope to see him in some theatrical films soon. Hollywood should be beating down his door, he’s incredible leading man material.

  6. Dawn Said:

    I hope this is out by July.Would definitely be going to see this for my birthday! He looks so hot!

  7. ashli Said:

    uff soo saxy!!

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