Scene & Heard: Ian Somerhalder’s Emo Tweet

“A thought for today: ‘People change and forget to tell each other.”–Ian Somerhalder shared this pitiful sentiment with his 3.6 million Twitter friends just after splitting from GF Nina Dobrev. Ugh Ian, put it away. Don’t you know we love you when you’re all dark and Damon-y, not weepy and Wentz-ian?

ian somerhalder


And if the rumors are to be believed–namely that Nina ditched him because he wanted marriage and she didn’t–then perhaps it was you who changed, and not N…XOXO.


  1. @SK_84119 Said:


  2. Dianne Said:

    he deleted that tweet

  3. J Said:

    Freaking UGH. They were PERFECT together -.- :'(

  4. ali Said:

    uh, they didn’t broke up, ian said that them being single could bring a lot of damage

  5. Naima Said:

    NOOOOOOO,,,gg,No!We are team ian rember???!TEAM IAN,darlin,TEAM IAN!dont you dare forget that

    And let him be human for a second!

  6. m Said:


  7. Lexi Said:

    Guess what? They did break up-that’s what happens. Now stop being little whiny people and get over it. He’s ten years older than she is. She’s just starting to live her life-so let’s let her live it. Of course she doesn’t want to get married so quickly. She’s a famous actress-She can’t stop her career now as she just started getting into movies as well as the Vampire Diaries. Go obsess over Klaroline/JoMo/One of the other people you love so dearly and get over it. This is how real life works.

  8. ashli Said:

    he’s so perfect, that’s why he wants to get married, nina still a child.. he’ll get a better woman.

  9. CB Said:

    Lexi, I agree, however she is not a famous actress. Not many people who don’t watch TVD (or anything on the CW network), didn’t watch Degrassi when she was on that show, nor have seen the movies she’s appeared in would know who she is. She’s only “famous” among CW viewers.

  10. Nina Said:

    CB,If somebody went to the story in the checkout line the first thing you’ll see is Ian and Nina:Broken up. All the movies Nina plays in always showing previews on TV.N is at least at all TV Award Shows.And u always see N when they show/say when the premier of season 5 of TVD and stores u can buy the TVD package.Plus a lot of people like / Love Nina.

  11. Nina Said:

    I’M not the real Nina

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