Ian Somerhalder’s New Gig: Makeup Model?

I spied Ian Somerhalder sitting down with Josie Maran, the model-turned-cosmetics-guru whose uber-eco friendly cosmetics line is a favorite amongst green girls. Apparently Ian has been named as the leader for Josie Maran Cosmetics Model Citizens’ campaign. Even though he is a guy. And guys generally do not wear makeup. But that’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the behind the scenes vid from the campaign, now is it?

I honestly have no idea what this partnership is supposed to mean or add up to, but considering it is an excuse for the world to see and hear more of our delish Vampire Diaries baddie, do you really care about the details? Me neither darlings, me neither…XOXO.


  1. Sophie Said:

    It’s not “who’s”, it’s “whose”… Alloy, could you please hire some writers who actually know the language?

  2. Hannah Said:

    Actually Sophie, it is who’s, as in who is…. Whose is for when something belongs to someone as in Ian, whose jacket is by Gucci or something……. Check your facts before criticising someone else dipshit

  3. chaotic Said:

    Atually hanna, you have to take your own advise

    “model-turned-cosmetics-guru who’s uber-eco friendly cosmetics line” according to GG guru who is eco-friendly cosmetic line……???

    guru whose eco-friendly cosmetic line is….

    the writrs don’t even write like GG, so they better learn how otherwise it just sound wrong

  4. UpUrs Said:

    Hanna, you moron. You said it yourself – the cosmetics line belongs to Josie Moran, and the word is, in fact, “whose”. Sophie did check her facts before criticizing someone else, and you are the dipshit. You might as well take out an ad in the newspaper saying, “I’m an idiot AND an asshole.”

  5. erika Said:

    Are you really arguing about a tiny mistake (which can be a typing mistake)?? Maybe all of you could take out that ad in the newspaper…
    Come on, that’s Ian in the video, don’t talk about grammar…. :)

  6. ana Said:

    bla bla bla.
    chech out his adorable face with the puppy :)) omg !

    (btw it should be “whose”)

  7. cherie Said:

    agree Erica , i rather watch and listen to that gorgeous man:-)

  8. Ashley Said:

    Ok i’m just gonna say it!! The line says “whose” so sophie is wrong because she’s saying it not who’s but whose which it already says!! That being said this is awesome cause Ian is all about being green!!

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