Ask Gossip Girl: I’m Obsessed with My Boyfriend’s Ex!


I’m really insecure about my boyfriend’s ex even though I’m sure my bf doesn’t love her anymore. They were together for six years and sometimes he acts weird when I try to post stuff on his Facebook wall, like he doesn’t want her to see it. I know it’s stupid to get all jealous and worked up, but I can’t help it!



My Joyless Joy,

There’s an old saying that just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. The same is true when it comes to romance–if you find yourself fixated on your man’s ex, sit down and really ask yourself if it’s because he’s given you good reason to worry. Or have you just talked yourself off the cliffs of insanity all on your own?

If you decide that you’re a green eyed monster for no reason, then realize that being envious is just like any other bad habit: it takes self-control–and a zipped lip–to break it. But if you let your fear get the better of you, you’ll definitely destroy your romance–no help from his ex needed!


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  1. test1 Said:

    Very good submit! We have been linking to this particular great written content upon our own web page. Keep up the great publishing

  2. joblo Said:

    Facebook ruins another relationship. Don’t understand why people (ppl) like it so much. Or why they use it even though it causes so much drama.
    PS Why is the comment older than the story, hmmm?

  3. Lala Said:

    Seems fishy to me. Why wouldn’t he want you to post stuff on his wall? Do people know you are dating? I agree. Why is that comment older than this story? Time machines??

  4. Ally Said:

    The article may have been submitted for editing a few days ago, and the comment stayed attached, or it’s a glitch. Those are the only two things I can think of.
    But I agree, it is a little fishy that he would act weird when you post on his wall. Maybe his ex doesn’t know yet and he wants to break the news to her first? After all, six years is a long time. Maybe he wants to be respectful and let her know he’s seeing someone new by telling her himself, not having her read it on FB?

  5. Marina Said:

    Maybe he just wants to respect her and don’t make her feel bad. Maybe she hasn’t moved on like he has and he still cares about her enough to worry about her feelings. Call my crazy but I think that is a good thing.

  6. Ally Said:

    I think it’s a good thing too Marina. It shows humanity & compassion for others. It certainly doesn’t mean he is still in love with her, just that he has a heart & is trying to keep the feelings of others in mind. As long as the exs feelings don’t always come first in their relationship, & he doesn’t keep avoiding/acting weird about publifying their relationship. After a certain amount of time, the new gf should be coming first, otherwise he could end up hurting her while avoiding hurting the ex

  7. Riz Said:

    We can’t do things for you darling. Really? Asking strangers for love advice on the internet? While making things in your pretty little head all about ‘her’? If you can’t see eye to eye and talk about tiny problems with someone you call your partner you may as well quit dear. Because either you’re not giving him the trust he deserves, or you’re both not trusting each other. So, stop hiding behind a keyboard and talk to that hunk! You can do it and it will be a relief either way!

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