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GGHC-Final (2)

Spotted: B, S, N, D, J, and V in my new book, I Will Always Love You. Available today. Find out what happens when . . .

B returns from Yale. S takes Manhattan. J grows up for realN gets hotter than ever. D and V fall in-and-out of love all over again. And C throws four epic New Year’s Eve parties that you won’t want to miss.

Of course, you’re invited. ORDER NOW.

Gossip Girl

P.S. While I love a good debate, and I’m all for using an alias, consider this a little GG PSA:
How lively can a discussion possibly be when you’re fighting with yourself? If you want to post, please use only *one* name. (Yes, you got caught! Want to know how I know? Well, I know everything). Also, if you can’t comment without spoilers, your comments will have to be deleted. It’s only fair.

Don’t forget, I Will Always Love You . . . and I’m always watching.


  1. danielle Said:

    This book sucked! Completely disappointing, especially with the way it ended and the ridiculous relationships in between. Cecily, you have ruined your series. [DELETED SPOILER] should have ended together, period. You have lost a fan.

  2. anne Said:

    Seriously? I’ve been reading these books for so long, and was looking forward to some REAL canon gossipgirl. I gave up on the tv show a long time ago. It really angers me that you can’t even stick to your own canon. Such a disappointment.

  3. lea Said:

    I think the author forgot this was her series and just ripped off some scenes from the gg show writers.
    seriously, this book was an utter fail. It made absolutely no sense, and everyone was out of character.

    This ruined the entire series, it was completely pointless to end it like with S and B choosing [DELETED SPOILER], and my throwing in [DELETED SPOILER]?!
    REALLY CECILY?! Because that just makes sense does’t it?
    This should have never been published, eight years of the series gone down the drain.
    lost another fan. so over it.

  4. Gisele Said:

    I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been waiting years for a real resolution in the series and this is what we get? [DELETED SPOILER] What is this? It’s obvious that you really don’t care about your fans or else you wouldn’t have pulled this Cecily. Adding [DELETED SPOILER] – when Nate didn’t even speak to her after their breakup in the SECOND book, and [DELETED SPOILER] – is utterly revolting, and all of the characters didn’t even make sense. You should have just left the series as it was but now you have completely ruined it for me and many others. Thank you for wasting my time.

  5. Alessia Said:

    I really hope you’ll write another book to fix this utter mess.
    [DELETED SPOILER] Really?!
    Way to ruin something good.

  6. amanda Said:

    I cannot believe that this book did not end with [DELETED SPOILER] finally being together. There has to be another book to fix this catastrophe!

  7. Amber Said:

    you ruined an truly amazing series by mixing the show into it. we couldnt get [DELETED SPOILER] on the show and we didnt in the books either, the last thing we had left. you’ve lost a fan.

  8. Kristin Said:

    I read I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU in one sitting today, and I LOVED IT!

  9. Lacey Said:

    I really loved the book, and while yes, we all wanted to see [DELETED SPOILER] wind up with one of the girls, the fact is that if he had, half of you would be even MORE annoyed because what you wanted to see didn’t happen. I thought the story was fun and I loved seeing the characters grow over four years. Stop hating!

  10. Hannah Said:

    i hate when authors write pat, happy endings, like in twilight when every major character survives. such a cop-out. at least cecily has the balls to make a real choice. i loved the book and i’m guessing pretty much everyone else will too.

  11. Alexa Said:

    What was this? I absolutely hated it. Part 1 was good, up until you had [DELETED SPOILER] . I get that they need to have drama and difficulties in their relationship to make things interesting, but later on bringing [DELETED SPOILER] together. Wow, talk about the worst possible thing you could do for the series. Chuck was that gay, funny guy with a pet monkey; you ruined that too. [DELETED SPOILER] were just another strike for me. I believe they are the worst pairing-ever. The whole last half of the book was entirely out of character. I can’t even begin to explain how disappointed I am.
    I think it’s clear that almost everybody wanted [DELETED SPOILER] . I truly do not understand how you could not do your true, book fans a favor and finally give us [DELETED SPOILER] – finalized, no more Serena drama and perfectly in love. Even if you do it a new book, things are never going to be the same since you screwed with Chuck and brought in Jenny.
    The books were a safe haven for the NB fans who lost our coupling on the show. Thanks a lot for taking that away too.
    Cecily, I cannot believe how much you just disrespected your fans. You are successful highly in part to the [DELETED SPOILER] fanbase, how dare you?

  12. Jane Said:

    I found this book extremely disappointing. I hoped that field of literature would be enough to resist television, but it seems not, and that it a very depressing idea.

  13. Tanya Said:

    I just finished. LOVED IT! I don’t know what you all are talking about. It’s called growing up, and that’s exactly what the characters did. We can’t chase after the same boys our entire lives, you know?

  14. alexa Said:

    NO RESPECT FOR THE FANS, I’m disgusted.

  15. Caroline Said:

    I just picked this up and am so excited to read it all the way through! Blair and Serena look really pretty on the cover (Nate looks superhot too, of course!). I’ve read Part 1 and it’s just as good as the last hardcover. IMHO [DELETED SPOILER] have been through too much to wind up together. Hello, baggage! I like that we get four different years in one book. The paperbacks books covered just a few days a book. It’s nice to get a sense of how their lives are moving on from senior year.

  16. Jordan. Said:

    I’ve been a fan of these books for 5 years now, and I’ve been so excited to go out and get this book since I heard there was going to be another on with Blair, Nate and the rest of the gang, but whileI was standing in line I looked through the book and what I found was extremely disapointing. Cecily, I’ve always thought that you treated your characters with respect, but obviously I was wrong. YOU CREATED THESE CHARACTERS, not Josh or Stephanie. They’re YOUR property, so why on earth would you follow the horrible couples that the show has? I’m a complete [DELETED SPOILER] fan, but upon my scanning I saw that there wasn’t anything that seemed good about their story. Needless to say, I put the book down and walked out of the store, and I can promise you, I WON”T be reading it.

    It’s really sad that you’ve conformed your ways to satisfy people that have NEVER EVEN READ THE BOOKS, but I hope they buy it and continue to support you, because I can promise that I won’t be.

  17. Kaisi Said:

    Seriously!?! After everything, after 11 books I feel like you threw out everything that your wrote in the last 11 books and just wrote this pure and utter crap. I loved this series but everyone seemed so out of character and it may just be me but I feel like your trying to bring in fans from the show but in doing that you totally disrespected your loyal fans of the book. I waited this long for some resolution and got complete and utter crap. I think maybe next time, you should reread your books before starting on the next one so you don’t have such horrible continuation problems happening. I mean this was like Stephanie writing a new Twilight book and said you know what Bella was really in love with Jacob this whole time sorry Edward. You threw away all the build up you gave [DELETED SPOILER] fans and just crapped all over them. Very disappointing. I don’t think I’ll be able to read a GG book again because the characters are just complete ruined for me now. Which is so very sad for the shere fact that GG was my all time favorite in high school. The books and the show are two completely different things and I just wish you would have kept it that way. This book was deffinatly not worth the money.

  18. G Said:

    You guys are crazy. This book is great!

  19. Nikki Said:

    I can’t believe I’ve been counting down MONTHS to read this crap. It’s really unbelievable that the fans who have been reading these books and MADE them bestsellers are the ones that are punished time and time again now that the show is on and ruining everything. I’m extremely disapointed, I really thought we were going to get a final ending.


  20. Kate Said:

    What are you guys talking about?? I’m honestly shocked. I thought this book was entertaining, fun, and just plain AWESOME in general. Nice job Cecily!

  21. Meghan Said:

    Well, I’m a hardcore [SPOILER DELETED] fan so I wanted that, especially after she foreshadowed it so long. I don’t like the way [SPOILER DELETED] still can’t make a decision. I just want closure. X_X

  22. Sarah Said:

    I’m in shock. I can’t believe this happened. I was waiting for canon Gossip girl and all we got was nonsense. I want a do over!

  23. Jenny Said:

    I am so sad that these books were separate from the show and you felt there was a need to combine them. Why? They were fine as their own entity.

  24. alexa Said:

    Sarah, I agree we need a do over for REAL!

  25. alexa Said:

    We, as loyal fans, deserve so much better than this shit.

  26. um no Said:

    In what universe are [SPOILER DELETED]? oh right, the tv verse. Please try again.

  27. Noelle Said:

    I don’t understand the point in coming out with another book when nothing was going to be resolved. [SPOILER DELETED], but add hundreds of pages of absolute garbage just to finalize everything? I really thought we’d get a conclusion, since this was the first GG book to come out with the original characters in two years, but obviously the series needs a writer that actually knows what they’re doing. And hey, Cecily, why don’t you try writing yourself for once? Your ghost writers really suck.

    Sincerly, a fan that has had enough.

  28. Meghan Said:

    Exactly Noelle!
    I mean, I’m a [SPOILER DELETED] for this because at least it gives closure…

  29. Kayla Said:

    I’m really upset with this. I think it’s upsetting that you strayed away from the canon you created to create such complete and utter bull shit. Whatever glad I took the book back to the store.

  30. Nicole Said:

    This was really upsetting. I was truly disappointed; I thought [SPOILER DELETED] so we could finally have some closure, but no, it ended [SPOILER DELETED]! I don’t understand how there was so much [SPOILER DELETED] and all of a sudden, there’s a 180 with this last book- Again I have to reiterate, this was really disappointing, and definitely not what I was expecting at all. Why revisit [SPOILER DELETED]? I DONT GET IT. Complete randomness along with the [SPOILER DELETED] crap. Honestly, I’m appalled that the book ended the way it did.

  31. Emma Said:

    chill out everyone.
    the book was dope.

  32. Meghan Said:

    I agree 100% Nicole!

    Emma, a lot of people waited like a year for this book and were severely disappointed! There is reason for their outrage..

  33. Stephanie Said:

    This is such a huge disappointment. I have been a huge [SPOILER DELETED] fan since i read the first book years ago, and i would have obviously loved to see them end up together like most true fans. and after years of waiting for some sort of closure, THIS is what we get? This is utterly ridiculous. I am appalled that anyone would actually stoop so low just to try and earn some new fans. or whatever your intentions were. I dont even know. I would’ve been happier to even see [SPOILER DELETED] end up together. After waiting so many years i expected you to AT LEAST stay true to the real characters. It seemed sloppy to me to just [SPOILER DELETED] so they would change as some sort of an excuse to put [SPOILER DELETED] easily. Anyways, this was just a huge letdown. I wouldve been much happier if this just didnt even come out. nothing was resolved, it was pointless. I hope Cecily finds some way to earn her respect back from her fans because clearly majority of her loyal fanbase is disappointed. Not to mention the stupid mistake of making nates height change from being 5’11” to 5’10”. I’m still a fan of the series, and i’m sure i always will be, but ive certainly lost a little bit of cecily’s respect.

  34. jen Said:

    I’m disgusted by what you have done with your characters, Cecily.
    You should be ashamed! You have disrespected your fans unforgivably.
    I, like others, LOVE [SPOILER DELETED] .

    Money trap! Don’t Buy!!!!

  35. Chloe Said:

    I’m a huge fan of the books, and they were the only hope I had left of Nate and Blair being together. I am SO disappointed with this. I’m getting a refund.

  36. Jen Said:

    How dare you, Cecily? This was your series before the show even started. For you to compromise everything that you’ve written thus far in order to cater to the television fans is ridiculous. I have been a “Gossip Girl” fan since the very first book was released (7 years ago) and as someone who has been severely disappointed with the direction of the TV show, I was looking forward to this book. I thought “Finally! We get a REAL Gossip Girl resolution. One that is actually canon! Hurrah!” That excitement and joy quickly turned to disgust and fury during my reading. Silly me for actually believing that you wouldn’t compromise and for having faith in your writing. You have destroyed the fond memories I had of the Gossip Girl books, as I will now look back on the entire series with a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s too bad I can’t return every other book I’ve bought, but at least I’ll be able to return this one. For the true Gossip Girl fans who have stuck by you and supported your work for so many years, this was a gigantic slap in the face. For shame.

  37. Alyssa Said:

    You guys are overreacting BIG TIME! I love the ending. I am a firm believer in bros before hos! Or chicks before dicks, whatever you want to call it. And the surprise hookups by certain duos was a nice touch. Great job! I know the TV fans will rush to pick up the books once they find out.

  38. cassandra Said:

    Don’t tell us were overreacting. You’re probably one of those show fans that knows noithing about the books aka the originals. this books is completely of a parallel universe.

  39. Book fan Said:

    I agree, Cassandra! It’s clear to see who the TV fans are versus the book fans. Only the people who have been around from the beginning can truly understand what a travesty this book is.

  40. Jesska Said:

    I pre order this book of amazon ages ago eagerly awaiting to read it as i live in australia and cant just walk in to barnes and noble … after reading everybodies comments I could cry as I am a massive B&N fan and only stomich the show in the hopes that they get back together in the end as the last book didn’t resolve anything … but cecily I severly hope you do something to fix this catastrophe and give true fans an ending they deserve … not some book that has morphed into a tv show honestly [SPOILER DELETED] !!! Maybe you s hould reread your own books before you sit down to write a new one either that or find a new ghost writer … also you editor should be fired for letting you publish this shit!!! [SPOILER DELETED] forever … FIX IT!!!

  41. XoXo Said:

    I didnt read the book,but seriously if you are a real fan like you would be happy with ENY possible ending-so stop calling yourself dissapointed fan!
    you make me sick
    XoXo You know you love the book

  42. IceQueen Said:

    Like other GG books purist and NB big fan; I’ve been waiting for this book for ages. Having read the fan reviews, I’m totally devastated. Definitely not buying this garbage. Awful, awful decision not staying true to the book origanality, and practically copying the TV show CRAP plot! We need a do over and fast; this time do it right and let [SPOILER DELETED] …

  43. Meghan Said:

    You know you love the book

    Actually… no.
    Your ignorance makes ME sick.

  44. Sarah Said:

    Okay, just because on the show you fan girls love [SPOILER DELETED] it doesn’t mean those who were hardcore Gossip Girl fans from the very first day the first book was released need to adjust our likings to suit your stupid ass television show which sucks monkeys ****!

    C, you changed the whole book to suit the television show fans likings, what about us who have been reading and loving Gossip Girl for years!! We deserve better!!

    Maybe you should start writing your own books again instead of using ghostwriters? Maybe you’d come up with something more like i don’t know Cecily Gossip Girl not CW Gossip Girl.

  45. Gossip Girl Said:

    While I love a good debate, and I’m all for using an alias, consider this a little GG PSA:

    How lively can a discussion possibly be when you’re fighting with yourself? If you want to post, please use only *one* name. (Yes, you got caught! Want to know how I know? Well, I know everything). Also, if you can’t comment without spoilers, your comments will have to be deleted. It’s only fair.

    Don’t forget, I Will Always Love You . . . and I’m always watching.

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  47. Chen Said:

    How insulting, making a gay character “turn” straight again. Guess being gay is ok as long as it’s just a fad, right?

  48. Alyssa Said:

    I like the books and the show. Is that a crime? I don’t care about that other pairing and it has nothing to do with the show. They were never my favorite, sorry. I was always a Nate and Serena fan, but even so, I think the ending was fitting. Blair and Serena should value themselves and their relationship above any guy. I love the ending, even if it didn’t give the type of closure that people wanted, it was still a fitting ending. Perfect, in fact! Chicks before dicks!

  49. Meghan Said:

    I just think that if it had to end like that AGAIN, what was the point in another guild? It only lessened the chances of Nate being anyone, haha.

  50. Meghan Said:

    *what was the point in another book

  51. Maria Said:

    I liked this book. I like the ending too. The ending was perfect for me. I never liked how Nate made the choice for Serena and Blair. Now, the girls did. GO SB!

  52. Meghan Said:

    I agree, it showed character… but why did we need another book to point it out? I just hope Cecily writes another. I’m still a fan but I feel disrespected.

  53. Claire Said:

    A total disappointment. After waiting for this book for YEARS, I couldn’t be more disappointed. You let fans down, Cecily, and I’m going to be blunt about it. A waste of my money, because all you did was cater to the show, instead of remaining true to your own, original vision of the books. Also? Someone can’t be “straightened out”, it’s not a choice.

  54. Meghan Said:

    I hope this isn’t the last book. I want Nate to be with somebody. :(

  55. Laurisa Said:

    Okay.. So I really wanted to read the book but everyone is saying it’s crap.. Can someone email me at LaurisaGW@live.com to tell me what happened?

  56. Dora Said:

    You know guys, if you are truly c’s fan, you should be supportive till the last part of her work-
    its her decision to write, and work hard 4 it – just because you didnt get what you want at the end – it doesnt mean you have to say ” oh ..Im dissapointed in you, you lost a fan.”
    come on guys, we are just fans, and she’s the star of her show- i can’t believe you call yourselves a fan in the first place by saying those harsh words..

    I love the book and the show- and whatever her decision might be tto ever twist or change the story-
    that is her choice- and as we, the fans of her books should be supportive, we are, after all the few who really wait for years for the story to grow before the show even started- and it did.

    so, if you want another story of that part, well- do make your own
    and satisfy yourself with it.

    Ill always support you C v Z <3
    but hopefully you'll come around with greater story :)
    and more power tc.

  57. S Germany Said:

    wow, i am just another one to say i’m deeply diappointed.
    i was so excited for this book for weeks and now i kinda regret i’ve read it.
    i thought thee was a difference between the books and the show?!

    idk what to day – just that i expected more from my ex- favourite- author.

    (i’ll just write my own GG book ;))

  58. Bethany Said:

    Was going to buy this book with my next paycheck. Then I read a spoiler about who ended up together as in the tv show…Nevermind! Seriously? COMPLETELY out of character. Don’t watch that bull on the television anymore, and you now lost a fan from the series. I started reading these as a kid, and am now no longer a teen. I’ll just pretend this was never published.

  59. Meghan Said:

    We ARE allowed to be disappointed after waiting a year to find the book not satisfactory to us. Get off your high horse. Really, it’s not flattering.

  60. sleepless Said:

    Wow everyone hates it? :(

  61. london love Said:

    hey,gossip girl,
    i love your books and of cource its like my own personal brand of heroin!…haha…..cant wait to read the rest of the seirce……
    London Love

  62. mercedese bowen Said:

    i love book so cool to me. for real.

  63. gia Said:

    now that ive seen the reviews i dont think im going to be reading this book. unless another book will be made so then maybe nate and blair will hopefully be together forever

  64. Scarlett Said:

    WOW. I have been a huge fan of these books since I was in middle school and I was so excited to FINALLY get a resolution. Thank you for completely disappointing me. What a joke.

    I cannot believe you went so low as to mirror the tragic TV show’s pairings in YOUR OWN creation. Do you not have any pride? What a sell-out.

    Congratulations on losing yet another fan.

  65. jenny Said:

    oh dear oh dear! after reading these comments i am definatelly NOT buying the book! its disgusting what some people will do for money. if people wanted to read something thats straight out of the tv show they can just watch the show. the beauty of the books was that they were authentic and different to the show!

  66. Jennifer Said:

    Don’t hate. Authors are allowed to do what they please with their story and their characters. I, for one, remain a loyal fan.

  67. Alice Said:

    Guya come on, the way you lot are talking it’s as if Cecily owes you these books, all you do is read them, writing a book is not easy trust me. Yes Cecily should have stuck to the book series but no that doesn’t mean she deserves this much backlash, it’s easy to criticise but I bet none of you could write something as awesome as GG.

  68. Aaliyah Said:

    I Will Always Love You was really good, but you need to just finish the series. The characters are too old and keep doing the same stuff over and over.

  69. Kelsey Said:

    I know alot of people are going to hate me for saying this but I’m glad didn’t end up with Blair or Serena he’s kinda a jerk playing the two like that. He doesn’t deserve to end up with either of them if he can’t decide which one he wants to be with! And whats up with the whole chuck and Blair thing? I luv chuck and Blair in the tv show but in the books not so much….

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