Is Beyonce Pregnant Again?

I hear that Queen Bey might be adding to her royal family. My minions say that Beyonce is expecting baby number two (her first being the odiously named Blue Ivy, ugh) with husband Jay-Z, and pointing to a suspiciously round tummy as the evidence: Click here to see the pic!

I find this unlikely since she just embarked on a grueling world tour, not exactly the sort of thing a prego lady wants to be doing. Plus I’m not sure how telling her figure really is–B has never been stick-thin so maybe this bump is merely the result of penne a la vodka, not a baby.

But if she does have a bun in the oven, I’m willing to give my approval to this only if she lets someone else do the baby naming.

What should Jay and Bey name this new babe? Red Roses? Green Weed? Purple Vine? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section…XOXO.

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  1. Anna Said:

    Rose Red

    And, she could have just eaten a tad too much. Time will tell.

  2. Lola D Said:

    Maybe it’s just left over bunp from Blue Ivy!

  3. Meaghan Said:

    HAHAH green weed omg

  4. Jessica Said:

    Maybe she is just getting fat! Lets hope it’s not another weird named baby.

  5. Naima Said:

    HAHAHA,,,greenweed! hahaha

  6. Elleb Said:

    I think tey should b able to name their child whatever they want, it’s their child, their decision. And if they have 5 more kids.. they can AFFORD them!!! At least they arent leaching off the tax payers to raise their children!Bey& J do yall thing! Ppl are gonna have something to say whether u are doing GD or BAD!!!

  7. Deedee Said:

    Go Bey do u & keep doing Jay, you all shine together & so does ur family. Im happy for you. I hope that your
    Family does grow, when ur ready. I think both of you h gave so much love to give!!

  8. micro jobs Said:

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