Is Blake Lively Pregnant?

Since the royal baby has now entered this world, it seems like everyone is looking desperately for something else to focus their attention on. Another cute pregnant lady would be ideal, so of course, talk has begun.

I walked by a New York City newsstand while grabbing my morning latte, and splashed across the front page of OK Magazine was the headline “Blake and Ryan Pregnant” along with “Hollywood’s most perfect couple has some surprising news to share.”

I had to chuckle to myself over this hilarious report. Darlings, as much as we all want it to be true, it’s not. Blake Lively’s rep confirmed, saying, “The story is 100 percent false. Blake is not pregnant.”

If I had a nickle for every time a tabloid ran a false pregnancy story about a celebrity, I’d had an extra pair of Louboutins!

Do you think Blake and Ryan will be good parents once they, ahem, are officially expecting? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Mech Said:

    I really don’t like Ryan, so i’m happy she isn’t pregnant. Hate that couple. But I love Blake. Xoxo from Argentina ;)

  2. Leoby Said:

    Personally, I love Blake and Ryan together! They are both just so sweet and nurturing and I think they would be GREAT parents! I think that they are both mature enough to have kids (age doesn’t count in Hollywood, ie. Kim&Kanye) But for right now, whenever it happens, it happens. :)

  3. laura Reynolds Said:

    oh i think that blake will be pregnant soon.
    they r cute together.
    p.s love u ryan <3

  4. Adrianna Said:

    Mech me too :)

  5. Marcie Said:

    Oh thank heavens! I still have hopes she’ll get back with Penn and have beautiful babies!

  6. Kiara Said:

    Blake and Penn NEED to get bak together. They were perfect together on and off Gossip Girl. I think they would have the cutest babies. & I love wen TV couples end up having a happily ever after together in real life.

  7. Amanda Said:

    I liked Blake & Penn better together. :(

  8. Denitsa Said:

    I really like Serena and Nate in gossip girl i hope that Blake will be with Chace :D

  9. nandi Said:

    Yourl are still there like for real … Blake moved on so did penn why shld they be together … Life goes on …we all want our tv couples to stay together the way they act but I realized its acting …I loved vanessa hudgens and zac efron together they were my face couple but things change so its time to receive and accept tht blake and penn will never be serena and dan …

  10. nandi Said:

    Its time to receive and accept that blake and penn won’t be serena and dan …life goes on …

  11. Millie Said:

    Thank god I am not the only one who does not like them as a couple. I loved Blake and Penn Together…I’m still hoping that he breaks up with Zoe and that Black and Ryan divorce.

  12. Lydia Said:

    For whatever reason Ryan really annoys me…
    But I love Blake! And even if it’s a bit perv I liked Lake (Leo & Blake) tbh ^^

  13. thecutest Said:

    The most RIDIX part of this article is: Blake Lively’s rep confirmed, saying, “The story is 100 percent false. Blake is not pregnant.”

    Um, cuz YOU’VE never heard of a lying publicist. They all lie. I’m friends with a lot of celeb publicists. They get paid to blow sunshine up everyone’s asses, then fix crap when it goes haywire.

    I’ve interviewed Ryan, I like him a lot. I hope they are, but I’m not really tripping either way.

  14. thecutest Said:

    Ugh, and what’s with all you weirdos freaking about Penn???? He went black and he’s probably never going back.


  15. Celine Said:

    This is so typical !!! Why should Blake be pregnant close to the date of where William and Kate had their first kid? She shouldn’t have to ruin it and she doesn’t even compare!! Blake is good looking and all but where is the respect????


  16. Celine Said:

    It’ is Kates moment not Blakes…so stop trying to steal the spotlight Blake and give it time.

  17. ClemFstr Said:

    OMG is she really pregnant ? Or is it gossips ?

  18. Sybil Said:

    I don’t know whether they would make good parents, but I do know that there baby is going to be gorgeous! xoxo

  19. Van Der Who? Said:

    @Merch ouchh,that hurted me,’cause I love them as couple. Yeah,a friend of mine came like screaming and woke me up to tell me that she’s pregnant and some weeks later she did the same thing to tell me that her manager announced that she’s not. Blake and Ryan why don’t you try?

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