Is Blake Lively The New Bond Girl?

Confession: I am wildly obsessed with James Bond movies. I know just about every word to Goldfinger and once purposely spilled a glass of wine on Daniel Craig at a party just so I could pat him with a napkin. So imagine my delight to hear that Blake Lively may be going from It Girl to Bond Girl!

blake lively


One of my minions at Star magazine stole a peek at the new untitled Bond script–the flick films this November, out a year later–and saw that Blake is being considered for the role of “Bond Girl #2,” according to the script. The role is described as a “Scandinavian woman who has a good heart but troubled past.” So basically the same as every other Bond girl before her, no? Although some Bond babes fizzled, like Denise Richards in The World is Not Enough¬†(SHUDDER) and that Russian girl who never took off her cardigan in GoldenEye, I’m sure B would make a stellar leading lady for 007.

That is–if she gets the part. I hear that the critically overrated Amber Heard is also up for the role and that producers can’t quite decide between them. Personally I find Amber so beyond whateverish, especially when compared with Blake, that I can’t imagine her opposite James Bond, can you?

Amber Heard "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala


Tell me your casting ideas–will B trump Amber in the end or should a totally different star play the spy’s star-crossed lover?


  1. reana Said:

    Blake would be better in my opinion

  2. Genessa Said:

    I think Amber is going to get it because she does the bad girl thing better. Blake is beautiful and classy, but she rarely shows her sexy vixen side.

  3. Joanna Said:

    Blake has that something that Amber lacks.

  4. laura Said:

    I personally don’t think Blake is a good actress. She was god awful in the town and savages.

  5. Oliver Said:

    Blake is perfect for this role, she is beautiful, classy and very sensuous. I’d love to see her as Bond Girl.

  6. Stella Said:

    Both actresses are beautiful and perfect in their own way. This would be no easy choice to make and frankly I’d be pleased with either actress.

  7. Mark Said:

    I really like the James Bond movies. Eva Green was the perfect Bond Girl. As the next need to be blonde, I vote for Blake. She resembles Eva and is also beautiful.

  8. elizabeth Said:

    I think amber would be better

  9. Cora Said:


  10. Melody Said:

    B will when because Amber is overrated and this is B’s time to truly shine if she gets this part. Amber is gorgeous I will not doubt that, but of course Blake is flawless. She deserves this part more then any other blond actress. She looks more like Eva so it would be better for her to take over.

  11. Boohoo's Said:

    Blake is the better choice. I hope she gets to play the Bond girl. She is the right fit

  12. Dana Said:

    B all the way. She killed it as a “bad” girl sort of in savages and she would murder it here too. Amber needs to chill the fuck out. she’s clearly not talented and she’s clearly using johnny depp for his money, fame and oh because he’s the most sought after man in the world. she needs to earn her stripes. B’s already got hers ;)

  13. Droo Said:

    Both are bad actresses. The good thing is history proves that Bond girl#2 usually gets killed. However, if they don’t plan on her dying why not choose an actual actress instead if a starlet? Scarlett Johanssen perhaps? An unconventional beauty, sexy voice, and she’s proven she can also do action!

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