Is Harry Styles Leaving One Direction?

Gasp! One Direction may soon be short one super cute member, at least if Harry Styles gets his way. I hear the 18-year-old flew out to LA sans this fellow bandmates to meet with producers and film a solo project. No word on if that’s a film, commercial or an iPhone video for his grandmother, but one thing seems to be clear: HS is growing up…and out!

harry styles of one directoin




  1. wildhaya Said:

    hope not :(
    they’d end up just like blue …

  2. zenadukmak Said:

    i hope not :(. One Direction is not One Direction without him!

  3. sweet_tine Said:

    no he’s not doing anything like that. It’s just he don’t wants to annoy his neighbors when his at home bc of the fans that are waiting outside his house. So he took a flight to LA with his family or smth.

  4. Ava Said:

    I hope so!

  5. zaynishot Said:

    i really dont care if he leaves because i just care about zayn,liam,niall,and louis

  6. alexabdria welsh Said:

    OMG!!!! My life will be soo damm over

  7. no name Said:

    One Direction is like never ever ever going to be the same again! If i get MY way he is never going to think at bought leaving EVER again. ths is so deppressing. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG! That is me screaming in anger and frusteration.

  8. Who cares Said:

    who cares if he leaves One Direction he will be better off without them

  9. Ashley Said:

    Peole who dont care about harry styles leaving one direction. Is heartless because without harry styles there is no one direction. So keep your comments to yourself harry styles is a nice person and doesnt need people hating on him and if you only like the other four than fuck yourself they should all be loved equally

  10. Givona Said:

    One d would not be wihout Harry anyway how do you know he is leaving

  11. Cry Said:

    I will cry every day if he leaves

  12. Jianna Said:

    If he does leave I will be devastated, he belongs in one Direction.

  13. Emily Said:

    Harry styles is my fav member of one direction he can’t leave if he leaves one direction I will just die plz don’t leave us Harry xxx :(

  14. Alexis Said:

    Why? I love 1D and every member and this questions everything. Why would he wsnt to leave his brothets? But no matter what, i’ll support his decision. Its what fans do

  15. Holly Said:

    He cant leave he will be hated and it will be the whole Justin bieber thing with weed all over again!!!!!!

  16. heyitsmereahdiancon Said:

    well if harry leaves , there will be ‘no direction ‘ , i would cry all day and all night , and also one direction will have 3 years rest 3 YEARS !!! i can ‘t leave with out them ….

  17. Lorna Topping Said:

    Harry please don’t leave one direction, they wont be the same without you and I couldn’t see the band going on much longer if you left :( please don’t leave Harry x

  18. Hannahstyles Said:

    All of the people who want Harry to leave, should shush it! All of them would miss Harry and there wouldn’t be a one direction without him. I would really miss him.

  19. Ashley Said:

    Harry isn’t going solo. It’s just a rumor that’s in the midst of being cleared up. He was recording separetly from the boys. They do that sometimes you know. And plus, they’re still on tour. He wouldn’t leave in the middle of the tour to do a solo career. He would wait a while. He’s 19, he’s not going to rush into anything, he has time to do all these things. And yes he’s doing a film, the 1D3D film.

  20. Julia Said:

    No he can’t!!! I’m so worried no!! Oh god help me!

  21. Laila Said:

    Harry cant leave i dont have a favorite but he is very me he has a VERY good voice that wouldnt bt the same without him:(

  22. rebecca nozhnitsky Said:

    Why is he leaving love him so much but now he is going solo or somthing if you read my text why are you doing this what did really happen and why.

  23. rebecca nozhnitsky Said:

    i love him and love him the most out of every 1directioner if he saw this wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy i love him so much

  24. Booga Said:

    Why would he leave!! Poor Louis!!! If Harry leaves my BFF would die!!!!!

  25. Directioner4life Said:

    Noooooooo. One direction can’t go in two directions. No. Just, no.

  26. kai Said:


  27. DILLON Said:

    lol mate this is so funny mate

  28. Eliza Said:

    I don’t Care if he is leaving I like Zayn only HE IS THE NICE OUT OF ALL OF THEM

  29. Eliza Said:

    My sister will die if he leaves And that god
    Still it is sad he might leave
    He got a reason he haft to look after his baby and wife so Taylor swift I love her songs

  30. Eliza Said:

    Well my friend said that Harry was gay and with who Louis that is so yyyyyuuuuccccckkkkkyyyyyyyyy

  31. shanaid Said:

    Harry u can’t leave one direction think about ur fans we will be crying and one direction will end and we don’t want that so please don’t leave harry I love u I will die if u leave and I love u and 1D so pleasae please please don’t leave don’t leave stay for ur fans xxxxx

  32. josie savage Said:

    Even though I love Niall (lots), I love harry too it will not be the same without him, I mean one direction without harry is like cake with no flour !!! xxxxx (and to all the people that say one direction are rubbish should keep their opinions to themselves because they may not realise that it is hurting peoples feelings) !!x

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  34. lulu Said:

    If Harry leaves one direction wont be the same again

  35. no one Said:

    I really hope Harry Styles doesn’t leave the group!!! Harry pls stay!!! and basically this all because of Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1

  36. love Said:

    do not leav

  37. love Said:

    do not lave

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