Is Harry Styles Single?

Whatever that dinner date was with Kendall Jenner a few nights ago, Harry Styles is not considering it to be anything… at least not yet. During One Direction’s interview on Good Morning America, the guys were asked which ones were single, and guess who quickly raised his hand!

Harry Styles 2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals


That’s right, minions. Harry was very eager to join Niall Horan in being one of the only two boys in the band to declare his availability.

So, it’s kind of official. Harry and Kendall are nothing right now (that we know of). When asked earlier this week about his dinner with her and whether or not they were dating, he responded, “I mean, we went out for dinner, but no, I guess.”

And Kendall was quick to say something just as eloquent about their status on the red carpet at the AMAs on Sunday. She responded with, “We’re friends. He’s cool, yeah, he’s cool.”

So, there you have it loves. No, he is not officially dating anyone right now, but the status could always change after another dinner date.

Do you think Harry and Kendall would be cute together or is this another celeb flirtation that should remain just that?

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  1. daisy Said:

    THEY SHOULD DATE! #Hendall

  2. Marissa Said:

    I think they’d make a CUTE couple!

  3. Anna5643 Said:


  4. Maria Magdalena Said:

    He should not be with her. I love Harry Styles and I want him to be happy but at this time, I don’t think he should be with anybody in a romantic way

  5. S Said:

    If they would ever be a couple, it should be called “Kerry” haha but no. Kendall has a boyfriend and it’s a quarterback at her school.

  6. XOXO Said:

    kendall is not single, so it’s obvious that harry’s not dating her
    lmao stop with the hype

  7. Sjanes Said:

    I don’t think they should date.

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