Is Hilary Duff a Scientologist?

Could Hilary Duff be joining a long list of celebs who are turning to Scientology? That was the rumor going around when RadarOnline and Buzzfeed got a hold of a this pic of Hil sporting an interesting tattoo and hanging out with Alanna Masterson, who is a famed Scientologist:

Hilary Duff Alanna Masterson


RadarOnline claimed Hilary’s tattoo was made of Scientologist symbols and that she’s been taking courses related to the church. But I hear that this report was all one big lie a big misunderstanding.

“My favorite moon is out tonight which is what [my] arm tattoo actually stands for in case anyone was confused,” Hil tweeted to set the record straight. She also responded to a fan tweet about it saying, “lol peeps be cray.”

Lesson learned dolls… you can’t always believe everything you hear… unless of course it comes from my lips. You know you love me. XOXO

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  1. Nicole Said:

    Doesn’t really matter to me if she is or not, love her :)

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