Jaden Smith Dishes on His Relationship With Kylie Jenner

I thought/hoped that it was merely a vicious rumor, but it appears that Kardashian sis Kylie Jenner, 15, is in fact coupled up with Will Smith’s 14-year-old son, Jaden. I do not approve of this couple merely for the dopey expression Jaden insists upon in every. Single. Photo.

jaden smith kylie jenner


He’s clearly been taking too many Blue Steel lessons from his BFF Justin Bieber. Shudder. 

“She’s one of my best friends,” Jaden recently dished. “It’s pretty awesome.”

And there you have it loves: pure poetry from one half Hollywood’s next golden couple! Hopefully, Kylie will dial down Jaden’s growing douche-factor (stop with the tights, J) and he in turn can help her discover the wonders of bronzer…XOXO.

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  1. ShouldKnowBetter Said:

    Seriously? Leave them alone. They are 14 and 15 years old. They don’t need to succumb to the pressures of adulthood at this age. Nor ever, really. So let’s give them a break and consider that maybe, just maybe, they are happy. Just how they are.

  2. Mike Hunt Said:

    It’s a match made in heaven. He’s colored and she’s a kardashian. Of course she and her sisters will all end up with coloreds.

  3. JAMIE Said:

    Really you went there…what colored were they?

  4. Liv Said:

    really? you just HAVE to bash a 14 and 15 year old? thats really low. and did you really have to go there with the bronzer comment? rude. and as long as they are happy then who cares? she’s a model. he’s an actor and artist (even though he’s not that great with music). i’m not surprised they are together. and they are cute. leave them alone.

  5. puore Said:

    Haha i don’t thing GG said anything but the truth and for those of you crying “leave the alonge” :'( haha if THEY didn’t want to be talked about maybe they shouldn’t go out and try to act as adults! so check yourslves before making yourselves look a little redundant in this convo :)) xoxo <3 Gossip Girl forever

  6. puore Said:

    *Leave them alone

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