Is Justin Bieber The Worst Neighbor Ever?

Love thy neighbor… unless he’s Justin Bieber. I hear the pint-sized popstar has been wreaking havoc on his exclusive Calabasas gated community, and his neighbors are done putting up with it. In fact, after a party-filled Memorial Day weekend, the homeowner’s board is ready to take action — and they’ve got the police department behind them!

justin bieber


One of my favorite stories from this weekend involves former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson. He is Justin’s neighbor, and after JB raced past him and his daughter in his Ferrari, Keyshawn dropped his little girl off and chased after the “Beauty and the Beat” singer. Once he approached Justin’s house, he blocked JB’s car in the driveway with his, and got out to confront the bad driver face-to-face. And Justin — being the manly man that he is — ran inside his house like a scared little puppy.

Neighbors are reportedly also pissed about alleged drug use going on outside, cars parked day and night on the street, and JB’s security guards sleeping in the garage (umm…) This kind of behavior would never fly in my Upper East Side co-op. JB would be booted faster than his Ferrari goes.

What would you do if Justin were your neighbor? And if the answer has anything to do with being excited, perhaps it’s time to rethink your life decisions. You know you love me — unless you’re a Justin Bieber fan. XOXO


  1. Alex Said:

    Let justin be! If I was his neighbor I would go party with him and stop complaining! He’s human too! Let him live his life without nosey ass bitches like you!

  2. Aleyanne Said:

    @Anna why are you here then? It’s none of your bloody business either…

  3. liz Said:

    poor boy got too famous too young too fast. i wouldn’t blame bieber, it’s the entertainment business that has ruined the kid.

  4. Reba Said:

    JB is a punk kid that needs his “bell rung”. If someone doesn’t do something, he is going to hurt someone and either end up in jail where he has a girlfriend named Bubba, or dead.

  5. Ally Said:

    If I were a neighbor of his, I would be totally livid. First off, famous or not, you need to respect other people. Which JB certainly is not. I’m not saying you can’t party and have fun, but he is letting his parties go to the point where neighbors are complaining. Not only is he causing disruption in the neighborhood, he is also putting lives in danger with his reckless driving/behavior. If I had a family, there is no way I would put up with JB’s antics. Sorry, JB fans.

  6. Kalyn Said:

    You kids are ridiculous..It’s called a gossip site. It gives out the information that it finds out about to the general public, because that is what the point of a gossip site is. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You’re probably not old enough to be on the internet without your parents permission anyway; go play with your barbies, children.

  7. ak Said:

    ha so you report on justin bieber and his obviously rude behavior as a community member and people go nuts calling you a dumb slut and telling you to *** off… yeah makes sense… maybe people need to realize that the stars we idolize are not things we can worship. he’s a horrible singer and clearly the fame is getting to his head. if he thinks he can drive recklessly in a neighborhood just because he’s famous makes no sense. he’s cocky, rude, and full of himself

  8. mary arthur Said:

    The boy IS responsible for his behavior. Just because he CAN drive fast doesn’t mean he can encroach on everyone else’s well-being by showing off. Put the fella in a 3 cylinder vehicle before he injures himself and/or others. He clearly can not be trusted with a powerful vehicle. I would not want him in my neighborhood.

  9. Uh..what? Said:

    Any other normal person would be booted. He’s an adult. Time to start acting like one. These little fans and their disrespectful potty mouths need to grow up, clearly.

  10. Chifae Said:

    Gossip Girl you are the best in the “UES” Upper East Side :D

  11. Cathrine Said:

    Bieber should show his neighbours some respect. He can’t treat everybody like trash, and expect that his neighbours treats him with respect! His should get a life…

  12. Me.OnlyBetter Said:

    Hmm if unable to pin him to his posh garage door with said car, I’d wait until he left a window down and throw off milk in the ferrari. Collect roadkill and leave it on the front lawn driveway.. Well, that’s probably what Baby Jane would do lol

    Or forewarn other neighbours and after a particularly loud night, at 7am jack up that annoying BABY song onto full blast, press repeat and go out for a minimum of 12hours. Repeat until he takes notice, prn.

  13. EZMoneyFreak Said:

    People invest more time in your future instead!! ..For Real !!
    I am now rich!! YEA BABY!!..
    With some time invested & in just less than a year..

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