Is Kendall Jenner Quitting KUWTK?

Looks like we could be keeping up with one less Kardashian soon enough, minions… Rumor has it that Kendall Jenner may be turning her back on the reality show world to devote all her time to being a high-fashion model.

kendall jenner


As you know, KJ recently made her French Vogue debut, and her stylist Katie Grand was quick to spill to Grazia Daily about what it was like working with the 18-year-old brat beauty at the shoot. “I’m happy to see her in high fashion, she looks great, she has a great figure and is easy to dress,” Katie said. “She has long elegant limbs, she’s one of those giraffe phenomenas who walk in and look [like] they were drawn that way.”

Katie then slipped and implied that Kendall may be willing to give up having the cameras follow her for a place in front of them. “Fashion always wants a new darling!” she said. “She’s unique in wanting to turn her back on her celebrity when it comes to modelling… It would have been easy for Kendall to go with a bigger agency and gone down a celebrity route but she wants to be taken seriously as a model just like the rest of them.”

Do you think Kendall actually has a place in high fashion or is her image always going to be too low class for people to take her seriously?

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  1. Temilove Said:

    Leave that shitty show ,,, Move on with your career.

  2. Eugenia Said:

    No matter how hard she tries, Kendall Jenner is one of the most vulgar and overrated people that exist.

  3. Marie Said:

    you don’t know her, so stop talking like that aout someone you don’t know
    get a life

  4. Helena Said:

    She definitely has a chance. It would be a smart move…

    Best of luck to her!


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