Is Khloe Kardshian Headed For Divorce?

With all this hoopla surrounding Kim, Kanye and poor pitiful North West, I nearly forgot that there are, like, 10 other Kardashians to gossip about! Today I’m tres interested in the increasingly ugly saga of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, who has apparently cheated on her not once, not twice, but thrice.

khloe kardashian & lamar odom at E! upfronts in NYC


And yes, while these affairs have been reported in the not-always-reliable tabloids, I hear that they’re true. Admittedly, this makes me rather sad–Khloe seems like the lone sane person in that family which makes it especially unfair that she’d be the cuckold. But then again K, did you really expect a pro athlete to stay faithful? Tsk tsk, my dear.

khloe kardashian


So, the new whispers are that KK is finally ready to stop standing by her man and lawyer up in preparation for an epic divorce. Apparently Khlo has an iron-clad prenup that wisely included an infidelity clause, which means she could walk away with millions of dollars. Sorry Lamar but in times like these, one must remember the sage words of Ivana Trump: “Don’t get mad, darlings–get everything!”

Tell me minions, do you think K should take L to the cleaners in court? Or do you think that despite the endless string of mistresses coming forward, Lam-Lam really isn’t the cheater everyone says he is?



  1. Stephanie Said:

    if this is true, too bad. i really like khloe. GET EVERYTHING!!

  2. Carolina Said:

    Bad Lamar O. Cheating is a choice not a mistake ;) XOXO C.

  3. Tiffany Said:

    I really hope this isn’t true! I love KoKo and Lam Lam together.

  4. VALERIE Said:

    Doubt it’s true. Life and Style is the worst magazine.

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