Is Kristen Stewart Dating a Girl?

After making the catastrophic mistake of cheating on Robert Pattinson, it seems that Kristen Stewart has done the honorable thing and given up dating boys altogether. How could she ever top Edward Cullen? Well, I hear that her split with Rob had an unexpected silver lining: a new romance with her (female!) BFF, Alicia Cargile! Check out a pic of her right here.

Apparently Alicia was there for Kristen during the split…and then was there for Kristen, if you know what I mean, minions. I hear the pair enjoyed a naughty little getaway in Palm Springs recently, and one of my spies caught them dirty dancing and drinking champagne at a posh desert resort…

“She put her arms around Kristen’s neck and Kristen put her hands on her waist,” dishes the witness. “After about 30 seconds, Kristen started laughing, kissed Alicia right on the lips then rested her head on Alicia’s chest and hugged her tight. It was totally hot!”

kristen stewart


Well well well, quite an interesting development. Another source revealed to Star magazine that when it comes to romance, K.Stew doesn’t see gender lines: “Love is love to her. She’s really happy with Alicia.”

Fine, good for you Kristen. One less girl I need to compete with. But tell me darlings, do you think that history will repeat itself and is Kristen going to cheat again as soon as temptation–whether it be wearing heels or loafers–wanders her way?

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  1. Sarah lacy Said:

    Don’t really care about Kirsten Stewart. However the person responsible for writing this column should really stop trying so hard to sound like the real “gossip girl” your trying to mix tabloid journalism with bitchy gossip term like “minions” and “get the dirt” it doesn’t work. Just stock to tabloid journalism and grown up terms. It’ll still be entertaining but won’t come off as such a try hard piece. :) just a friendly suggestion from someone with experience.

  2. Yeah Okay Said:

    As from someone who just knows how to speak and write English, if you criticize… You should probably use proper grammar and the right words, Sarah Lacy. You’re* and stick*


  3. Samara Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl, just because a woman dates or has sex with a woman, doesn’t make her a lesbian. Also, you can’t just BECOME a lesbian.
    Sincerely, a little offended

  4. Haha no. Said:

    All I’m going to say it was maybe a girls night out. Please don’t judge people immediately like that. Kristen is a person with rights and a part of those rights is to not be over-taken by other people’s prejudice.

  5. No way Said:

    Okay this is not right! Not many people like to gossip because it is stupid and getting on people privacy or business but just saying there is no way Kristen is kissing to another women sure I mean they could be best friends but kissing , really ! Also ….. She is the best actress on twilight

  6. Ap Said:

    people actually get paid to write this BS?

  7. polly Said:

    I agree with Sarah lacy

  8. emmap89 Said:

    I bet some menopausal Pattinson cow wrote this lmao

  9. lilly Said:

    You can’t just label her sexuality. The only person who can say for certain what Kristen Stewart’s sexuality is is Kristen Stewart. Plenty of straight girls make out with other girls and even have sex with them this doesn’t mean they aren’t straight. There’s also this thing called bisexuality where you can be attracted to males and females and ignoring it and assuming she’s “become a lesbian” is bi erasure.

  10. nina Said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA at all of the above comments coming from KStew fans!
    I guess you can’t live your life through hers if she’s a lesbian and you are not!
    The gay is gay as can be, accept it, then maybe she will come out!

  11. robert Said:

    I hope not.Homosexuality is tacky.

  12. Nate Said:

    That Robsten crap was pure showmance, staged, an act. That Affair… no clue what that was. Obviously Kstew is gay. Not so sure she’s dating Alica though.

  13. Kat Said:

    How does Kristen get away with these things? I mean, im watching the Twilight movies. The love between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is very passionate. The way they do things together. They are made for each other. I was happy to find out that they were dating when they were filming. When i watched the behind the scenes, for an hour and 36 minutes. There was a time when they were filming a scene, the director, Bill Condon, said cut, while they were filming a sex scene, and she, Kristen, and Rob didnt stop kissing. And Rosalie? Rob, or Edward, went out with the girl who played her. Nikki Reed. Hey, Nikki, i hope you had a great time while you were dating Rob, because he is engaged. But you can go out with Taylor Lautner. He is single. Even though he is a “dog”, you are perfect for each other, expessialy since you and him share Renesmee. I want to thank all of you for bringing the Twilight series into my life. Although the last movie, Breaking Dawn part 2, makes me cry, i will always love them. Thankyou. Trul.

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