Is Lady Gaga’s Charity a Fake?

I don’t have a dictionary handy, but I’m fairly certain that the definition of a charity was to, you know, give money to those in need. But Lady Gaga seems a bit unclear on this concept. I hear that her Born This Way Foundation raked in $2.1 million in 2012—but only handed out a measly $5,000 grant!

True, Gaga herself probably isn’t the one running the charity, but shouldn’t she be somewhat aware of who is and what they’re doing with all that cash? Turns out it’s LG’s mom Cynthia Germanotta who is president of the organization but Mother Monster’s mother is insisting that LG’s non-profit is on the up and up.

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“We are not a grant-maker,” she said, explaining that the charity used its cash for services such as the ridiculous sounding BornBrave Bus, a traveling therapy center which has, according to Cynthia, “had a profound impact.”

That’s odd darlings, I’ve never heard of this life-changing miracle on wheels…have you? Has it ever rolled through your city? Because it has yet to make an appearance on the Upper East Side.

So is she saying that this BoringBus, or whatever it is, costs over $2 million dollars to run? Is it a Bugatti? Are the hubcaps Swarovski encrusted? Does every visitor get a $50 bill and a Faberge egg? I can’t quite work out the math on this one, minions, but tell me your thoughts: does Gaga need to spend less time looking for people to vomit on her and more time monitoring her money?

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  1. Bailea Said:

    The Born Brave Bus was in NYC a few months ago. If you followed Gaga like a proper tabloid reporter should be, you would know that. It traveled with her for the US leg of the Born This Way Ball as well. And will probably be at the ARTPOP Ball as well this year.

  2. Lucy Said:

    As if you haven’t heard of the Born Brave Bus? If you go to lovegivesmehope, there are plenty of cancer survivors and patients who have shared their experiences on it. Harsh. What’s even more harsh? Calling a life-changing charity ‘boring’. Take a step into the real world.

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