Is Miley Cyrus a Fake?

Miley Cyrus wants you to think she’s a twerking party girl B who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her (even though none of us are shy about sharing our opinions), but is her bad girl attitude fake?

One of MC’s backup dancers is outing the controversy queen as a total normal and sweet girl. Gasp! Has Hannah Montana 2.0 been lying to us this whole time?

Miley Cyrus In Concert


“Miley’s raunchy image is all for show,” the snitch said. “Off stage she’s a sweet girl who wears tracksuit bottoms and hoodies – there’s no diva behavior…. She’s breaking away from her Hannah Montana image and making sure everyone’s talking about her – I admire her for that.”

The dancer also went on to say that “despite what the critics say, I think she’s a great role model.” Right… and Justin Bieber isn’t annoying. Okayyyy….

Do you think this backup dancer is telling lies to stay on Miley’s good side or could there really be a side to Miz Cyrus that we don’t know about?


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  1. Anastasia Said:

    Miley is great no matter what ♥

  2. Mary Said:

    That kinda makes sense,because the mom seems perfectly fine with her daughters performances,that seemed weird to me,but if she knows its just a stage character,who’s making a s%^t load of $$ of course your gonna be smiling and supportive. She’s just a distration,another false idol for people to worship.

  3. Trup Said:

    What is fake about this?? Why is Miley’s stage persona different from Lady Gaga’s antics? Even if her raunchy behavior is just a performing act she’s still doing what she wants to do and think is right for her so, go Miley.

  4. Rianne Said:

    I think it’s true! It’s all an act on the stage, but Miley is definetly not the only one who does this! GO MILEY! ❤❤❤

  5. Joe Said:

    Miley is a disgrace no matter what. Only famous for her dad and her constant scandals. Acting like a whore in front of little kids for money is much worse than actually being a whore. Worst role model ever

  6. Irene Said:

    I agree with Joe.

  7. amber Said:

    I agree with last comment. shes only famous because her hillbilly dad. Other than that she wouldnt have the connections to get the HMontana part. THis UGLY piece of trash.

  8. Tionne Said:

    No shit everyone knows she’s just doing this for attention. I knew it when she called her a ” bad bitch” like honey no.and it’s sad because it’s so immature. She’s already fading out ppl are tired of your shit Miley

  9. Nunya Biz Said:

    P U K E

  10. Nunya Biz Said:

    Such an unattractive troll, in so many ways. The trashy little brat needs to grow the hell up! Maybe when she wakes up, she will.

  11. Anthony Said:

    This is obviously what she is doing. It makes sense for her to reinvent herself. I wouldn’t be shocked that by the time her hair is back to it’s original length that she will have toned down a lot. At first I was annoyed by her but honestly I think what she is doing is smart.
    I mean remember she isn’t running around drinking and driving or doing drugs or getting arrested. She is just dressing and dancing strange. She has a great PR person.

  12. Dan B Said:

    I could have told you that her actions while performing were all for show… I thought that was obvious? I think I commented on a previous post about Miley saying the same thing.

    She’s not stupid. She knows exactly what she’s doing… and it’s working.

  13. Chi Said:

    It’s funny how people judge her even though they don’t know her. I personally don’t like Miley Cyrus, but it’s still horrible and immature for us to judge someone who we don’t know personally. You shouldn’t hate someone solely because you don’t know them or their reasons for how they act. I’m sure if people judge on you too left and right, you’ll all feel like absolute crap no matter what.

  14. reana Said:

    SERIOUSLY GOSSIP GIRL? This has been apparent to me since the day she started doing these things. She knows what she’s doing and she’s good at it. Everyone is talking about her, good or bad.

  15. michael pevie Said:

    Hey chi we may seem “immature” to you but you are arrogant to be the one to shit on our opinions. Why not leave some constructive criticism on the topic instead of being an arrogant little shit?
    In addition when I first saw Miley Cyrus on TV years ago I always knew she would end up being a disgusting role model…. Nobody should ever look up to someone who acts fake just for money. Be who you are not whathe others want you to be

  16. Nicole Said:

    Its soooo obvious that how she presents herself in public is just for show. I think shes a sweet girl too. This bad girl image is just some sort of PR.


  17. Alexandra Said:

    *rolls eyes* something new please. MC has always been known to actually be Americas Sweetheart. Whether she’s in a wig singing Best of both Worlds or grinding on a Weiner on stage and licking a sledge hammer in her music videos; everyone knows Miley is the sweetest person out there. But how does this make her a fake? She doesn’t care what others think of her but she’s still down to earth. Does this make Rihanna fake too? It’s the exact same story.

  18. Jaq Said:

    Wow michael.. Get off that high chair! If people call you out for you opinion it’s arrogant but you taking a piss at them or someone is just giving an opinion?! That is really good. If you hate Miley then you hate Miley. Noone is asking you to like her. I dont like her too. But whatever antics she’s doing is working for her just as whatever crappy shit you do works for you.. Miley is in showbusiness. She knows and will act in a way that would bring people, money and spotlight in

  19. Ally Said:

    Of course it is right, she’s just pretending. That’s ho business works right ?

  20. rly? Said:

    Åh god, Micheal, calm yo titties.

    Oh well,I’ve always known what her dancer have told. – Now before u b***** get your shit up, then read this;
    If you where miley, and your music didnt sell out much, and you needed money, then HOW would u get that money? Let me tell you. You’ll be ‘Faking it”, in some way that will earn you money. TBH. I liked the new Miley, and trust me gurls. Stop hating on her, because she lost her ‘fionce’ & her two dogs. its hard enough already.Spread the love!


  21. better than you Said:

    you fucking lying cunts. All your sad asses know is how to comment about celebs and make them look bad. Your life is centered in making up lies and stories that don’t even have the smallest amount of truth and selling them to stupid ass people to get you some money. Stop making up shit and at least post decent stuff or shut the fuck up.

  22. Valentina Materdomini Said:

    We all know this good side, but a lot of people want to make her seems bad when she just isn’t

  23. Ryan Said:

    You mean, the girl who was smart enough to start two separate franchises, and get paid separately for both, is smart enough to play the media, and keep pressed fixed on her? What a total shocker….

  24. Alexandra Said:

    She still sucks; Worst role model ever. She is one of the big reasons why teenagers are dressing like sluts now, with their shorts up their ass. I’m tired of this bullshit. Yeah, I understand there was always teenagers dressing inappropriately, but this generation has really taken it to the next level. Miley and the alike clebs need to go away! And parents need to stop letting their teenagers dress like that. Gross. Control your childern. Maybe we will have less 16 and pregnant shockers.

  25. Tiffany Said:

    There’s no way someone could act like that and NOT be on drugs. We all saw Hannah Montana and The Last Song, she is not that good of an actress.

  26. wreckinbuttwerkinballs Said:

    I think she’s much worse if her thing is really just an act to get noticed. I’d be more understanding if she was just really sick in the head or something.

  27. Lara Jon Said:

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  28. Anonymous Said:

    I just think most of these comments are full of shit and yall just hatin caue you dont have a hillbilly dad to help you get a tv show maybe he did help with that little push but she made herself even more famous and she shitin on yall hatin asses and sippin on some tea. Haha i hate hate comments yall litterally have nothin better to do.. and really she dont give afff cause you makin her more famous by talkin all this shit out ya mouths which i think is laughable

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