Is Miley Cyrus Getting Too Thin?

I used to always agree with the old adage that you can never be too rich or too thin. But lately a slew of celebs seem to be looking a little skeletal lately. Case in point, Miley Cyrus. She posted a pic on her Twitter account of her trying on a Chanel onesie–it horrifies me in a way I cannot articulate that this garment even exists–and I can tell MC thinks she looks sexy but to me she looks like Justin BIeber.

miley cyrus


See what I mean, minions?

I might give Miley a hard time usually, but everyone knows I’ve always thought she had a killer bod. So, I’m sad to see it basically disappear before my eyes.

Do you love or loathe Miley’s post-breakup body?

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  1. Sofi Said:

    Hate that she’s getting that skinny. Can she afford food or what?

  2. Najla Said:

    It didnt change she looks skinnier because of what she’s wearing, she looks normal to me…

  3. Marie Said:

    I’m not sure we need to be worried just yet, but I do agree that some A-listers are getting way to skinny.

    But… I’m sorry to say the feelings I get from looking at this photo is not concern for Miley’s welfare, but rather envy over her closet. I probably wouldn’t like half of the clothes or fit in any of it, really, but I recently had to give up my walk-in and I miss it…
    I’m superficial, what can I say?

  4. Lillian Alexis Said:

    i love miley cyrus but hate her new look especially the hair if she wants to stay blonde she just keep the hair long

  5. Lillian Alexis Said:

    i love Miley Cyrus but i hate her new look especially the hair if she wants to stay blonde she should just keep the hair blonde a fringe look perhaps would do her justice

  6. Tuk182 Said:

    too skinny. Looking more like a man than a woman these days. That’s a shame, she was a pretty looking woman before the haircut.

  7. Carol Said:

    Kids are starving to death in Asia and Africa. Concerning yourself over some retard celebrity only skinny because of fame is pathetic. Get off this site and go do something with your life

  8. Anonymous Said:

    Miley Cyrus is a hot bitch.

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