Is Nate about to Go Up in Smoke?

Think, Nate, think. What happened last night? (Photo: Book: Little, Brown; Nate: Jose Perez / Splash News)

In Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer (available starting…now!) one of the original Gossip Girl characters will make their murdering debut. Can you keep a secret? The book’s author Cecily von Ziegesar has her eye on Nate. Find out why she thinks this pot head is killing it on the Upper East Side.

Gossip Girl Psycho Killer is a work of fiction. I do not recommend carrying a large syringe full of squirrel poison in your bag or using it to get rid of your classmates.

Sounds like something N might do though, especially if he were stoned.

reasons Nate could be a psycho killer

  1. He smokes so much pot he won’t remember what he did tomorrow.
  2. He’d do anything for Blair.
  3. He’d do anything for Serena.
  4. He has really big muscles.
  5. Something more complicated must be going on behind that pretty face.


Cecily von Ziegesar, author of Gossip Girl

Snag your copy of Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, available now wherever books are sold.

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  1. AlwaysRight Said:

    5 reasons why I don’t believe it
    1. Spelling mistake (see reason number 3 of 5 reasons Nate could be a psycho killer)
    2. Nate doesn’t smoke pot THAT much, does he?
    3. He wouldn’t do ANYTHING for B, he would for S though…
    4. He might kill some one but he’s not psycho.
    5. The cover of the book freaks me out.

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