Is Niall Horan Single?

It seems like every time we turn around, another member of One Direction is off the market. First Zayn plans to wife upĀ ol whatshername, and now Harry has be spotted with Kendall Jenner, which I now hear could be just a publicity stunt to build hype for the 1D documentary (and of course KJ’s reality show) airing this weekend on E!. Tres typical.

But take heart, Directioners, because Niall Horan says he is still totally, unequivocally, fabulously SINGLE!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards


“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he admitted, and says that it’s not easy to meet a chick when you’re ultra famous. “You have to find the one who…just sees you as a normal person, which is exactly what I am, and just like you for who you are and not because I’m in One Direction.”

That’s a tall order, minions. Do you think you could separate Niall from his fame? Could you put up with swarms of paparazzi and fans surrounding you at every turn?

If you need a little more NH today, check out his interview with E! News where he chats more about his status and opens up on what it’s really like to be hounded by the press.



  1. Jorge Said:

    i’m so relieved!

  2. Karma Said:

    Well Nial, you can never know if one truly sees you as a normal person because those of us who are normal and not famous aren’t usually given the chance to show you :) . . All the chances are given to those who are famous just like you and the rest of us see you from afar since we can’t get anywhere near you :)

  3. Cindy;* Said:

    Maybe if there would be a way to meet a famous people,like for a day and be with hem/her in this case with Niall and do things together. Just have fun…But not the fans who really love him but the ones that just like him,but never had a chance to meet him…

  4. Isabelle Said:

    None of the fans who want to date him would date him just because they love him as a normal person, but because he is from 1D, making him totally hot. But I really don’t care what he looks like to you because I don’t even follow any One Direction drama or listen to their music.
    This is why Niall won’t date obsessive fans because he says he wants a girl who will not date him for 1D, but for himself as a person. Of course this could be fake just to sound sweet and have that celebrity reputation.

  5. Cindy;* Said:

    But maybe there is someone who would date him just for him self.
    Perhaps he just have to try maybe he will find the real girl, and she will love,just for him…

  6. Noel Said:

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