Is Rita Ora Moving on From Calvin Harris With Justin Bieber?

They say the fastest way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And while I can’t confirm that Rita Ora has moved on from Calvin Harris with another guy, it does sound like she’s under Justin Bieber‘s spell.

Rita Ora Take-Two E3 Kickoff Party

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Take-Two

In a recent interview, Rita was asked if she fancies the Biebs (who was rumored to be the reason she and Calvin broke up). “Who doesn’t?” she replied. Um, I can think of a few people…

Anyway, she went on and on gushing about the tiny terror saying things like, “I like how he’s evolved, he’s growing up, he’s doing his thing,” and “I like his stance and how he carries himself.”

Really, Rita? What’s next–how hot his creepster ‘stache is…? Shudder.

Justin Bieber 2014 Young Hollywood Awards Brought To You By Samsung Galaxy

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Rumors are swirling that Rita could be crushing on (and possibly hooking up with) JB since growing closer together in the recording studio earlier this year. But do you think it’s true?

Everyone gets a little desperate after a breakup, but I’d much prefer to be single than Justin Bieber’s one less lonely girl. XOXO


  1. Olivia Said:

    Rita Ora is actually dating Ricky Hil, son to Tommy Hilfiger and rapper that recently achieved a year of sobriety.
    There are loads of pictures of both of them per their Instagrams.

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