Rumor Patrol: Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

Gasp! Could Selena Gomez really be pregnant with Justin Bieber‘s twins? A new rumor is spreading like wildfire that this might be the case. It’s even accompanied by a legit-looking sonogram pic for a patient named “Gomez, S.” taken at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center in Austin on March 11. But before you start planning for the apocalypse arrival of Jelena’s babies, you can be rest assured there’s no truth to this rumor.


Selena Gomez Instagram points out that the date on the sonogram shows March 11, but Selena was in NYC doing a photo shoot that day, so having a doctor’s appointment in Texas would prove rather difficult.

The site also managed to find an identical sonogram image from 2009 on some woman’s personal blog (please tell me again why people share these things?), so that’s another strike against its credibility.

Also, the website that “broke” the story is one that recently came under fire for creating celebrity death hoaxes. Needless to say their minions aren’t as stellar as mine.

When you first heard the “news,” did any part of you beliebe it or want it to be real? It’s okay, tell the truth. You know I always do. XOXO

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  1. Jacki Said:

    I’m hoping that he changes in the future, but for now, he should not be bringing a child into the world. He is not responsible enough, so I’m glad the rumors are false.

  2. Nina Said:

    Imma be honest, I kinda wished it was true. I’d be so excited to see Jelena babies! However, it would totally ruin Selena’s life and I love Selena so I don’t want that to happen. I kinda believed it a first to be honest, but now I know it’s fake.

  3. Shona Said:

    Sharing a sonography is definetly oversharing..

  4. kristen Said:

    thank god this isnt true. they shouldnt reproduce.. EVER

  5. julia Said:

    Why the fuck would you post that if it isn´t true…

  6. Electra Said:

    ^ Ummm, because she’s “Gossip Girl”? It’s a rumor, anyway.

  7. Nicole Said:

    Lol I was just about to cry for Selena….


  8. Alexis Said:

    Now I can prove my boyfriend wrong… wont he feel stupid

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