Is Spencer Pratt Going Into Politics?

For anyone on Team Lauren, it was sweet revenge watching Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt admit that their current day-to-day activities consist of Swiffering their apartment and eating from taco trucks (shudder x 1,000) on their E! special, Heidi & Spencer: After Shock.  

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt celebrate Spencers 30th birthday in Las Vegas.


But that smug satisfaction may be short lived. It seems that Spencer made good on this promise/threat to get a college degree. Just the other day SP posted the following pic on Twitter:


Yes minions, Spencer Pratt now has a degree in Political Science from USC, and I’m assuming tuition was paid by his rich dentist father. But the real question is: how will He-Pratt use his new-found knowledge? Will he run for office? Perhaps head to law school? Become a lobbyist? I dread to think of SP in any of those roles–can you imagine him defending you if you get arrested?–but I can picture Heidi as a political wife, can’t you?

She’d be perfect to stand alongside Spencer on the campaign trail and do things like clap politely, make sure he’s not shiny in interviews, and coordinate his tie-hanky combo.

Do you have a bit more respect for Spencer now that he’s a college graduate? Do you think he’s serious about leaving his Hills reputation behind or will he pop up on a D-list TV show eventually?

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