Is Taylor Swift Begging Friends To Visit Her?

In the city, you’re never alone, and yet it’s true what they say: New York can be a very lonely place. Of course that’s what friends are for–to join you at mani pedi appointments, cocktails at The Campbell Apartment, and tea parties at The Pierre.

Although if you don’t have friends and minions on standby at all hours of the day, I suppose things could be rough. And sadly, I hear that’s the case for Taylor Swift. My friends at Star magazine are reporting that Tay has been so lonely since she moved here that she’s begging her Hollywood friends to come visit her–even offering to pay for their tickets! But the saddest part of this story? No one’s taking her up on her offer.

Taylor Swift "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Alternative Views

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“Taylor cannot wait to split her time between Rhode Island and LA,” said the source. “She doesn’t want any part of living in New York full-time. She really regrets moving there.”

Hold up… “regrets moving there”??? I’ve never heard such blasphemy!

Tay darling, forget your loser friends who don’t want to come to the best city ever, and let me show you how to really enjoy NYC. I promise you’ll never want to leave. XOXO


  1. waiyanphyo Said:

    I like my verygood

  2. Jay Said:

    I’d move back to NY for her. I can totally relate with being lonely in NY. Folks aren’t super friendly out there & a lot of folks don’t want new friends.

  3. Alyssa Said:

    Why tay whats wrong just enjoy your lifetime

  4. Kyle Said:

    I wouldn’t mind going to see Taylor and taking up her offer I’m a truee swiftie but I totally understand how she feels it’s hard getting company and doing things when your friends are busy all the time and so far away

  5. Tony Martin Said:

    There are Lots who Say , You haven’t Lived your Life to the Full if you’ve NEVER been to New York, But if thats where the Hub for the Most opportunity for Photo Shoots and Bookings then thats the Place to be , As it Cuts Out all the Traveling in the Early Hours in the Morning after Performing , And you can Stay to go to Top Night Clubs when Invited ,Or after Show Party Receptions , And as for Being Declined the the Offer after Offering a Cost Free Travel Invite , Well I am Gobb Smacked ? ?.

  6. ANGEL Said:


  7. Sarah Said:

    Taylor is in another country and has been on tour for almost a month and a half now.. you guys might wanna actually try a little harder on your false rumors next time..

  8. Peter Gaines Said:

    I can truly relate to how you feel. I’ve not always had it easy when making friends that are there for me at all hours of the day. I’ve always been the friend that has always been there for anyone that I could call my friend, but never at all been able to say the same about my friends in return. Moving somewhere new isn’t the best times either. I remember after moving to Indiana I felt that my neighbors were only friends when they wanted to have someone around. I tried everything to fit in. More

  9. pingshidae Said:

    oms lol taylor is here in Asia for like the last 2 weeks where did you get this rumor haha

  10. jane Said:

    This is so fake, really who writes this stuff? Taylor has been busy with her tour and working on her NEW ALBUM. She has lots of friends to hang out with in New York. There are tons of paparazzi shots of her going places with people in NY. She doesn’t have awful public behavior so articles like this are written about tiny issues that cannot be proven (don’t exist). Complete trash.

  11. Sandi Said:

    I would love to come spend time with you as long as my granddaughter, Alexis, came too. She is one of your biggest fans and adores you. It would be a dream come true for her. She knows all your songs and sings them all the time. She has a great voice and has been in choir since grade school. Hope things get better for you hun. Hugssssssssssss!!!

  12. UOENO Said:

    I hate Taylor swift so who cares :D

  13. Peter-Mathieu Kortsmit Said:

    Who would have thought that you can feel so lonely in a metropole like the Big Apple. I think that I was attracted to it for the wrong reason. Thank God I never went there yet; my expectations could only disappoint me. Thank you for letting me see that I am making the right decisions so that I can feel more secure. Blessed be, <3 tTC.

  14. Anonymous Said:

    Taylor is in Asia for her red tour..

  15. Addy Said:

    I call bullshit. She’s currently on tour in Asia and couldn’t be happier.

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