Is Taylor Swift Dating Ed Sheeran?

Another day, another love rumor for Taylor Swift, darlings. While we all knew that her May-December relationship with Conor Kennedy would fail miserably, there’s now whispers going around that there’s something going on with her Red tour opening act Ed Sheeran, who just got a tattoo that seems to honor her.

The ginger is now sporting a tattoo that reads “RED,” and I’m pretty sure he’s not paying tribute to the color of his hair. So, tell me loves, do you think T.Swift should give Ed a chance or does she just need some time to be a single lady?

taylor swift ed sheeran



  1. GossipCat Said:

    She should be one of all the single ladies for awhile. I believe it’s for her own good ;)

  2. ggada Said:

    agree with GossipCat…

  3. mazeamaze Said:

    Ed and Harry Styles are pretty much best friends I don’t think Ed would date an Ex of his.

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