Is Taylor Swift Desperate For a Boyfriend?

In a word, yes, darlings she very much is. My little tattletales over at Star magazine reveal that Taylor Swift is suffering some may-jah misery over the fact that she can’t land–and especially keep–a guy.

“She said, ‘I feel like I”m turning into Jennifer Aniston! It’s just so unfair,'” blabbed a source. Even when she puts herself out there, no one seems interested. She’s brooding and feeling incredibly down.”

Well to be fair, Tay, Jennifer Aniston is engaged, so maybe “I feel like I’m turning into Cameron Diaz” is a better comparison. Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Demi Moore. I mean really, the list of un-datable stars is endless.

taylor swift


But Taylor seems to try harder than most, don’t you think? Why, in the last few months she’s been rejected by not one but three high profile fellas:

Jared Leto ran for the hills after she chatted him up at a Golden Globes party,” enumerated my minion, “Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel didn’t call her back after they went to a Christmas party together, and Douglas Booth totally brushed her off at a West Hollywood bash last November.”

Le ouch. Although I must admit, Taylor has created her own problems. Of course boys are leery of her; they know they’ll only end up as another hit song. So what’s a girl to do? Stop making music and find a guy? Or focus on her career and hope that she doesn’t end up a crazy cat lady (which may be hard considering she’s already got her cat)?

What advice would you give to T.Swift?


  1. olivia Said:

    No, Taylor Swift is not desperate for a boyfriend. May I remind you, she’s 24. Twenty-four year old girls can have guy friends that she is not trying to date. Surprising right?! Since all the media talks about is Taylor’s boyfriends and Taylor writing songs about her boyfriends. Well listen to this, Taylor has said herself that many of her songs are about what she observes and her friends, and she’s only had 6 boyfriends in 8 years! That’s a normal amount. Now, please stop slut shaming.

  2. ashley Said:

    I think taylor is an amazing person and role model.

  3. Anmol Said:

    I dont know! I dont think guys wanna date someone like her ! #nooffencethough but why would guys date her when they know they’ll end up as a hit song , right? But keep your hopes up Tay, maybe you’ll find your PRINCE CHARMING one day !

  4. dani Said:

    LOL this fanfic

  5. Nicole Said:

    Well considering she’s had 34084755524857 boyfriends in the past what.. 3 years?! Lol


  6. tay Said:

    she is an increduble role model and I dont think she is desperate. i just love her.

  7. Stephanie Said:

    Seems like you always talk sh788ttt about taylor here. Just stop.

  8. Ali Said:

    I feel like she needs to Focus on actually making good music; or find a guy she can actually KEEP, i come from most directioners if i say ‘taylors a whore’ hense how we came up with Taylawhore, for all of you ‘taylor followers’ just sto and think; you really want Taylor as a role model? i think not. Be quiet you taylorers.

  9. Carl Modren Said:

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  10. Amy Said:

    I don’t think she is desperate. Doesn’t every normal girl have her bad days where she thinks she will end up forever alone?
    And by the way: It’s called Swifties and not Tayloners ;) @Ali

  11. Joe Said:

    Except all those 3 guys who she supposedly dated have said its all in gossip media imagination. And Taylor just does not even bother to comment. She knows gossip has to make their coins.

    Truly amazing how a woman in her early twenties is not comsidered a whole if she does not settle down. Truly disgusting how sexist society is. Let her have her fun while young and single.

  12. GoodListings Said:

    Who in their right mind would date her, OK see has already slept with half of Hollywood’s young actors! Then breaks up with them, then writes a sing about their sex life together for her next song. I mean if you want you sex life on a CD forever and want a easy girl to get in bed with then by all means call Taylor Swift as she is as easy as making some cup cakes for the school bake sale! Then guys make sure you get tested after you have been with her, as she is working on a new CD, so no telling

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