Is Taylor Swift Headed to Girls?

Now that Taylor Swift has a home in the best city ever(!!), many more opportunities are coming her way… it is the place where dreams are made of after all. And while Brooklyn is my idea of a nightmare (shudder), I hear my future BFF could be making her way over the bridge to hang with her girls…

Taylor Swift 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards


Whispers are going around that the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer is being courted by her bestie Lena Dunham to appear on her hit HBO show Girls. I could only imagine the jealous rage Marnie and Shoshana would have if Tay was introduced as Hannah’s new BFF. Everyone loves a good catfight, though, so I say bring it on (not that I secretly watch the show or anything…what? Stop judging me. I make fun of them the whole time, I swear…)

I also hear that Taylor has hooked Lena up with her other bestie Cara Delevingne for a spot on the show. Perez Hilton reported a source as saying, “Taylor told Lena that Cara is a huge fan of Girls. Lena immediately agreed because Cara is her girl crush. She has been in touch with Cara’s people already to discuss the idea.”

Do you think Taylor should make an appearance on the series, or would her stock totally plummet (even more so than when she’s caught hanging out with Lena IRL?)

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  1. Natasha Said:

    Taylor can do anything tbh. She was hilarious on New Girl, and I think she’d be just as great (if not better) on Girls. What she did for Cara was really sweet — hope to see her on the show! Maybe it’ll finally give me a reason to watch it. :)

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