Is Taylor Swift Obsessed With Jennifer Aniston?

A serial obsessor like Taylor Swift needs a boyfriend to fixate on, but if she doesn’t have one, a female will do just fine. I hear that Tay is begging Ed Sheeran to introduce her to his pal Jennifer Aniston. Why? So TS can become a big screen star, of course.

A spy told Star magazine that Taylor is “desperate” to be a big screen star like Jen (which explains her Hamptons meal with Steven Spielberg). T thinks she and J will bond over their mutual icky ex John Mayer and become BFFs in no time. Because that’s what ex-boyfriends do: bring women together. What’s more, that same spy reveals that Taylor sees herself singing with Jen! “When Ed said that Jen has a great voice, Taylor was convinced they could find a really clever musical comedy to work on together.”

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Not for one moment do I believe that Jennifer Aniston can sing. Her speaking voice is weird and froggy, I can’t imagine that she suddenly blossoms into a magical songbird when the band starts to play.

But even if she did, there’s still the little problem of Taylor’s acting skills–namely that she has none. Does anyone remember the dreadfulness that was Valentine’s Day?

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Tay was tasked with playing a girl lovestruck with Taylor Lautner while she was a girl lovestruck Taylor Lautner, and still couldn’t pull it off.

Do you think that we will one day see Taylor Swift star on the big screen alongside an A-lister like Aniston? Or does T-Swizzle need to stay in her lane?


  1. Alison Said:

    not true. Taylor specifically said about her role in “The Giver” that the perfect role in her mind is a small role in a movie with a great cast. In other words: she wants to work with great actors but not have a big role.

  2. Ruby Said:

    Awh god NO! Taylor just stay with your guitar and nothing more.. No boyfriens, ex boyfriends or new besties. Just your guitar your cat and you in a closed room. You would do a lot of people a pleasure with that. You’re welcome.

  3. mememe Said:

    This website is becoming pathetic and should stop calling itself Gossip Girl because it is a dishonor to Cecily and the people who made Gossip Girl happen.
    Your “secret” tipper told you something yet you make no reference whatsoever and we are to believe it. Oh, and Valentines Day is a horrible movie altogether, Taylor acted like she was told to. Rewrite this shit and do it like a proper reporter, with really info plz. Get a grip, too.

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