Is Teen Mom's Leah Messer Losing Custody Of Her Twins?

Double trouble!

My spies tell me that Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer-Calvert may have quite the mess on her hands.

According to sources, Leah’s first husband (and father of her 4-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah) Corey Simms is threatening to file for full custody of the girls.



Why the sudden storm in their usually amicable co-parenting routine? Well, darlings, Corey’s supposedly fuming after Leah requested more money from her ex. Adding fuel to that fire, the young mother was shown on reality TV slurring her words and acting like a hot mess at work after popping some pills (yes, she had a prescription for those!) to calm her nerves.

After all, Leah’s dealing with a helluva lot more than I did at 22. Besides providing for her adorbs twins, she’s also mama to daughter Adalynn with current husband, pipeline engineer Jeremy Calvert. But the bulk of Leah’s stress stems from worrying about little Ali’s extremely rare Titin muscular dystrophy disorder—it’s previously only been found in adults, making her the only diagnosed child.

“She couldn’t believe that Corey would stoop so low, especially since he knows that she’s a good mom,” a source whispers, adding that Leah has already kicked those pills to the curb.

Tell me, Upper East Siders, is Corey acting like a crummy co-parent or doting dad?


  1. Evie Said:

    For sure crummy parent. His bucking her about Ali’s wheelchair was just stupid. He acts like real butt head at times.

  2. JoEv Said:

    I hope he gets them and then a woman can feel whats it like to only get visitation and have to pay all your extra money. Sorry Jeremy you signed up for 2 kids when you decided to maryy her deal with the added exspense. The system is completely one sided and needs to be changed please provide imperical evidence that Corey could not do just as good a job, if not better than Leah. All parents worry over ther kids I’ve never turned to drugs, albiet prescibed, to help me cope with kids.

  3. Jolene Said:
    Leah Messer’s Official Fan Page :)
    I am writing to update my fans on last night’s episode, 9/10/14. I am admitting that I shouldn’t have been using bad language in front of my children. It was in the heat of the moment and It was a scene where you only saw certain parts of the filming! As for the child support issue, He was ordered, by the State of WV, the $1200 a month in child support. see url for more

  4. Jolene Said:

    Like so many other non-custodial parents, Corey comes across as having the attitude that as long as he provides what his girls need when they are with him, then their mother should provide for them when they are with her. However, gov’t enforced child support does not work that way, and he is refusing to listen to reason, even when Leah gave him such a big break on the previously ordered amount.

  5. Tiny Kristen Said:

    Shame on JoEv for that asinine statement! I am a mother of special needs twins, n have watched the shows since Leah was pregnant. N there is no reason to take those babies from her, the only aguement I can maybe see is the way she was adjusting to her medication, the parts of the filming they showed were clearly to highlight the negative side of it. But the stress n anxiety of raising children is tough for anyone, add disabilities to the mix n its 10 times harder! She deserves more credit!

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