Will Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Join The Full House Reunion?

Every time I see the Olsen twins, I have one of my minions not-so-subtly remind MK and A that they spent their childhood years wearing overalls and scrunchies. Why? To remind them of their roots, of course. But it seems that the twins’ career on the 90s sitcom Full House is all but a distant memory. I hear that John Stamos, who has part ownership of the series, is lobbying for a full on TV reunion–but only some of the cast is game.

Candace Cameron BureJodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber up for it, and Bob Saget and Dave Coulier have expressed interest as well. But–surprise surprise–Mary-Kate and Ashley would rather brush their hair and drink decaf than be a part of such a bourgeois spectacle.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Personally, I would love some intrepid producer to find an eensy weensy codicil in MK and A’s contract from way back when that says they’re obligated to participate in a reunion special, no matter how cheesy nor how many $27,000 alligator backpacks they create. Can you imagine those two little moths skulking around the set, murmuring “How rude…” from beneath their layers of old lady sweaters? It would be amazing, my dolls.

Do you think the entire cast should just buck up and band together for a reunion? Or are some of them right to leave their sitcom roots in the rearview?


  1. Miss KT Danger Said:

    As someone who grew up watching it, I’d love to see it. Although I can see why MK & A wouldn’t want to …. I’m same age and they’re probably tried their whole lives to re-invent themselves from playing “Michelle Tanner” for years

  2. s Said:

    I grew up watching the show, and still watch it now. I used to love little Michelle but now id rather see a different person play her. MK and A are just too boring now they will bring the show down before it even starts. Either way im wondering who will play the twin boys??????

  3. Serena van der woodsen Said:

    Well I loved and still do love them but I see their point but that would be great

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