Is Theo James Crushing on Shailene Woodley?

Divergent hottie and new star of my naughty daydreams Theo James is dishing on his role as the tough-but-sexy Dauntless mentor Four, and how he made those romance scenes with Shailene Woodley look oh-so-realistic…

“I made her practice the kissing scene as much as possible. I’d say, ‘Listen, tonight after dinner can we just go over it again?'” he joked. At least I assume he’s joking…doesn’t he have some Irish actress girlfriend named Ruth Kearney (fun name) or some such?

theo james


Indeed, Theo seems like quite the jolly one, and once again, he admits that his “jokes” are targeted towards Shailene and are a little on the inappropriate side…

“It’s helpful if you remember you’re not solving world hunger,” he explained. “I pulled down Shai’s pants mid-scene. Luckily I don’t think cameras were rolling!”

You know dolls, if I were his GF I wouldn’t be especially delighted over these little gems. Do you think that Theo could have the hots for his vagina-sunning costar? As we know, Shai insists that she’s never hooked up with a costar while they were filming. But could Theo be confirming my suspicions that they got it on apres the cameras stopped rolling? Or is he just a fun-loving English chap who’s totes devoted to his GF?

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  1. wendyr Said:

    If I were his girlfriend, I’d be livid.

  2. Destiny Said:

    If I were his girlfriend, I would never be happier. He is yummy.

  3. Me Said:

    His girlfriend of many years would clearly know that Theo jokes around and I’m sure is far more mature than this writer or the fangirls who think they should tell him who to date. Grow up!

  4. Maria Said:

    If I were his girlfriend I would be happy
    In my life
    He seems a guy u should be with

  5. Isabella Said:

    If i were his GF, i would be the most fortunate girl in the world. He’s SOOOOOOOOOO hot!(I admit it, he’s part of my naughty dreams *blushes*)
    I ship Shailene/Theo, even though they “can’t be together” (for now, i mean, ya know, GFs comes,GFs goes…)
    But there’s something that i think everyone agreeds to…
    He’s hot as hell!

  6. Analyses Said:

    I love them they would be the most adorable couple and. I think theo was just playing around

  7. Rachel Said:

    He is dating Ruth Kearney but they have broke up :D

  8. Hannah Said:

    If I were his GF I would be the most happest girl in the world. He is soooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  9. Grace Said:

    people are so wierd they want to know
    What’s going on in celebertys life’s. Mind your own beeswax people.

  10. Grace Said:

    Theo is kind of hot but why do people always get into
    Celebs life’s it’s kinda wierd if you know what I mean
    I think theo and Shia would be a very cute couple thought.

  11. Maddie Said:

    I think theo and shai would be a great couple. And theo is a hottie.
    And I Am very excited for insurgent!!!

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