Is This the Perfect Woman?

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s in the hands of some very clever computer geeks. A British company tallied the results of a “Best Celebrity Body Parts” poll and mashed the results into one “perfect” face. The result? This brunette beauty, with Angelina Jolie’s lips, Kate Middleton’s hair and Kiera Knightely’s cheeks (no thanks).

Tell me, if you could swap faces with this CGI darling, would you? If not, tell me who gets your vote for loveliest lady around?

gossip girl

Photo credit: Daily Mail


  1. Vanessa Vazquez Said:

    She looks like Kim Kardashian!

  2. Dana Matthews Said:

    I honestly don thtink this girl looks that pretty. If i could have a vote from the “loveiest lady” it would be Blake Lively or Rachael McAdams. They both are flawless and have that “careless” beauty.

  3. Natalie Said:

    This perfect woman slightly resembles Kim Kardashian!

  4. Spaingirl Said:

    I think is true that she is very beautiful but I don´t like her because she isn´t real

  5. Scott Said:

    She looks awful. How stupid were these people to not realise that a face is more than the sum of its parts. You can’t take bits and pieces that don’t match and are out of proportion with one another and expect the result to be attractive. Faces look attractive because they’re a reflection of genetic fitness. Mixing and matching results in a genetically incoherent look. It’s about ratios, not features. Idiots!

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