Is Vanessa Hudgens a Furry Now?

Spotted: Vanessa Hudgens doing what I thought could not be done, and that is picking out something so atrocious to wear that I can’t even describe it. Baby V hosted the Electric Run in Los Angeles (basically it’s a rave mixed with a 5k — ewww!) wearing spandex and some kind of furry costume.

For those of you who don’t know about the furry fandom, let me explain. I once went to the wrong hotel for drinks with a friend and happened on a convention filled with what I thought were Disney park mascots. Except the costumes the people were wearing were dirty. And they were pawing at each other and playing catch like they were house pets. It’s something I try to block out of my memory, but then I see this on Vanessa Hudgens and it re-surfaces. Shudder.

Anyway, not sure if V was coming out as part of this community or just thought that fur thing was super cute. Either way, I am not pleased with this look, but let’s be real: when it comes to her, am I ever?

Vanessa Hudgens hosts the 2013 Electric Run LA



  1. EZMoneyFreak Said:

    People invest more time in your future instead!! ..For Real !!
    I am now rich!! YEA BABY!!..
    With some time invested & in just less than a year..

  2. The Game Said:

    I think she looks adorable. Get rid of the sweatshirt tied around her waist and she’d look even better.

  3. Beau Hajavitch Said:

    She looks like she just stepped out of a Canadian Kokanee beer commercial.

  4. Dugong Said:

    this is a big N.O NO from me….
    First Fashion is fun not crazy and she’s doing crazy with this look
    I’m sorry honey but “V”, you look cheap in here

  5. Rarity Said:

    Do some research before you make a fool of yourself. This is a common look at raves in Europe and its started coming over here too. Big legwarmers and hats keep you warm at outdoor festivals and they don’t constrict you when you’re trying to bust a move.

    Yes, Vanessa is jumping on the ‘EDM’ bandwagon, but she looks good for the environment she’s in.

  6. Didi Said:

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!! this is totes a deal breaker:( she like,used to be my idol when i was a little kid!! I mean, she was in high school musical for crying out loud! she dressed way better back then.
    btw, the movie she is in sucks, sooo dont waist your money.

  7. Annaliese Said:

    Lol desperate times cause for desperate measures and I can’t believe people still tie jackets around their waist!!!! Ewwwwww

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