Jack Antonoff Dishes on His Romance With Lena Dunham

You know how I feel about Lena Dunham, darlings, but I don’t mind repeating myself: I find her annoying and overrated. But for her sake I’m glad that someone out there loves her, namely her boyfriend of nearly two years, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff.

The two are usually very tight lipped about their romance, but J recently opened up about loving L, and I (very grudgingly) admit that their relationship sounds rather cute…

“It was a blind date by modern standards. I mean, I used the Internet,” said Jack. “I told Lena everything about my whole life, because when you really like someone, you want them to know everything about you.”

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Aww. I think it’s cute when guys feel the need to share, but I’m so rarely keen on listening. Anyway, Jack also admits that while both are big stars, their relationship is anything but glamorous.

“One time we were at a dinner party where everyone was over 60 and, before we knew it, we realized that everyone at the table had gone outside to smoke pot and they didn’t invite us. That basically says it all,” he joked. “Everyone else was 56 and, like, either coming off a divorce or trying to dry out. We were like, ‘This is great! We love being here!’”

So far their relationship involves heart-to-heart talks and hang sessions with the elderly. I’m glad someone is into this kind of fling because I certainly am not. He also says that while marriage isn’t on the horizon, kids very definitely might be…

“It just seems like the most fun thing in the world. I’ve never met people who have kids who haven’t looked me in the eye and been like, ‘It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened.'”

Yuck. Kids. But tell me lambs if you think these two may just be the most loved-up pair in Hollywood or will they be over sooner rather than later?


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