WTF Alert: Jaden Smith Sleeps With Snakes?!

Jaden Smith is going to have a hard time convincing future girlfriends to spend the night with him because I hear the After Earth star curls up with snakes in his bed!

Us Weekly is reporting that Jaden and his little sis Willow are obsessed with those slithering reptiles and have hoards of live ones hanging out in their rooms. A source revealed, “[Willow] has 10 sleeping in her room, and some aren’t in cages!” Um, yuck.

But the weirdest part about this whole story is how Jaden invites the snakes into bed with him and calls them his “girlfriends!” Seriously WTF dude? (Also, I’m sure Kylie Jenner has to take some offense to that, right?)

It’s no wonder Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith were recently investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services. Do you think Jaden and Willow are Hollywood’s weirdest kids, or are they just your standard 21st century girl and boy?

Jaden Smith Willow Smith

Larry Busacca/Getty Images


  1. Hannah196 Said:

    There is nothing normal about them they are simply weird!! How can their parents think that this kind of thing is normal or healthy???

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