James Franco Blasts Spring Breakers Sequel: “It Will Be A Terrible Film”

James Franco took time out of his busy schedule of creeping on Instagram to throw a fit over news that Spring Breakers is getting a sequel. Take a peek at his rant…

james franco rant


Jamesy, Spring Breakers is no Taxi Driver. According to RottenTomatoes.com, only 39% of audiences liked Spring Breakers while 98% enjoyed Taxi Driver. And why are they making a sequel to this movie anyhow–it bombed! I didn’t realize that box office flops warranted follow ups. In that case, I’m excited to see who will star in Showgirls 2: More Boobs, Less Sense and After Earth: Even After-ier. 

If I were him, I’d be more peeved that people are reminding the world that he willingly starred in such a dud than the fact that they’re capitalizing off his “creativity.”

James Franco Opening Night After Party for "Of Mice and Men" - Arrivals


Were you a fan of Spring Breakers? And do you think James is right, the follow-up will be a total disaster or is he just bitter because no one asked him to reprise his role?

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  1. Marie Said:

    If you saw spring breaker, you knew he can’t take back his role.
    Plus, I think he doesn’t really compare spring breakers with taxi driver, he just highlights the fact that without the principal ingredient, a cake can’t be good even if the first recipe wasn’t perfect
    I don’t like spring breakers, I think korine and most of the actors messed up with the idea but Franco was good and yeah, without him, it’s gonna be worst.

  2. Kayla Said:

    Someone please explain to me the artistic integrity of the first Spring Breakers…is there some sort of insightful metaphor behind guns,sex and drugs?

  3. Jeffrey Said:

    I just don’t want it to be a sequel like Grease 2. That one was a complete disaster to me. If it gets a sequel, than give it one like Final Destination.

  4. alina Said:

    not like the first movie was any good….

  5. diane Said:

    James is right, they are making an expensive mistake. ITs going to S*&k. The plot ended already, dont kill it.its just stupid…..

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