James Franco Posts Racy Pic on Instagram

Is James Franco trying to get the reputation of dirty old man? My Instagram-addicted minions told me they spotted a racy pic uploaded by the 36-year-old actor in which his boxer briefs where pulled down and his hand was covering his man parts. Ew. Luckily a screen shot was able to happen before James deleted the photo an hour later. Take a look, if you dare:


via GossipCop

James has said before that “Attention is power,” but with the amount of negative attention this pic is getting, he’s about as powerless as my iPhone after a full day of texting and tweeting (she works overtime to bring you the news, loves…)

Do you think this pic was an accident or totally on purpose? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

James Franco Opening Night After Party for "Of Mice and Men" - Arrivals


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  1. jane Said:

    Was following him on facebook, but not anymore he definitely has the creepy old man thing going on!! always posting creepy pictures *barf*

  2. megan Said:

    I’m not saying he should have posted it, but I still think he’s hot. 36 is not old! I don’t get where you get creepy old man from.

  3. Margaret Said:

    Why is it creepy for him to post half naked pics online but its ok when others do it? (Like miley or nikki minaj) I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse things on instagram than James Franco almost nude. Plus he’s a cutie:)

  4. luisa Said:

    There’s this instagram that it is said to be real (jimmy_franco_sex_pest) but I don’t know, it’s just too obscene, or at least too dark humoured. I hope it’s not him, I had him as sexy, not pedo!

  5. cassie Said:

    you know its creepy, he’s trying to be a dirty old man,have you guys heard about the Lucy incident? the 17 y.o. he tryna bag? That made me unfollow him. This is a wrong move love

  6. Nadia Said:

    What´s wrong with you people!?? He´s still hot, there´s absolutely nothing creepy about the picture, and 36 is so not old, specially with a tight body like that!

  7. Renee Said:

    Don’t get me wrong: I used to think James Franco was very handsome. Now he is starting to creep me out a little. It started with the 17 year old. I don’t like men that try to take advantage of younger girls. It IS creepy.

  8. J.L. Said:

    I think that Franco is irrelevant and is trying to make a come back. Press is press.

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