WTF Alert: James Franco’s Story About Lindsay Lohan

Do you hear that? It’s the raggedy wheeze of James Franco’s hotness drawing its last breath. It’s over now. RIP Lust For James Franco. What could’ve spelled the end of America’s crush on JF? As if his bloated selfies, dodgy facial hair and vacant stare weren’t enough, Jamesy has “written” a “story” published on….about Lindsay Lohan.

lindsay lohan

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Well darlings, it’s not just about Lilo, and their supposedly sexual tryst at the Chateau Marmont (he says nothing happened, she put him on her sex list). It’s also a James’ giant, name-dropping love letter to his own stardom and all the cool famous people who also say he is cool and famous also. Ugh.

James Franco

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In the bizarre tale, James calls Lindsay “damaged” and recalls how she obtained a key to his room numerous times and tried to get in. I could try to sum it up more, darlings, but then you might miss out on the douche chills that come with the essay, so I heartily suggest you click here┬áto read the whole, awful thing.

Now that you have, and have stopped trembling and gagging, please tell me what you thought of JF’s oh-so-literary feat? Do you like that someone is finally telling the full, ugly truth about Lilo, or is James such a rampant narcissist that you don’t even care what he has to say about her?

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