James Franco Gets TV Show That Centers Around Him

If you’re just as obsessed with James Franco as he is with himself, then you’re in luck, dolls! The Spring Breakers star will be premiering his own TV show in November. The series is titled James Franco Presents (of course it is…) and “will document his provocative explorations of the world of art,” (of course it will….) Too vague? There’s more: “From his gallery exhibits to his students’ films, the innovative series will also provide an exclusive opportunity to hear Mr. Franco’s point of view on his most-personal passion projects, most of which have not been seen by the public.”

According to the Ovation TV website, James will be the host and executive producer of the series. Do you think this show sounds intriguing or too ego-centric? And more importantly, will you be tuning in? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

James Franco This Morning



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  2. Laudrey Said:

    Unfortunaley I’m living in germany but I would watch it every day. Not because I think its interesting, just because of him! He is an absolutely sexy Man ;)

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