Are Jay Z and Beyonce OLDER Than What They Claim To Be?

Ring the alarm, minions! There’s a rumor going around that Beyonce and Jay Z have been lying to us the whole time about their age (gasp!). Could Shawn Carter really be 50 instead of the still-kind-of-old 44 that we’ve been told? Shock jock radio host Troi Torain recently told a caller on his show, “I shouldn’t blow this up, maybe because he doesn’t promote it publicly, but Jay Z and I are the same age… I will be 50 on May 3. He’s 43, 42… that’s just media bull****!”

Beyonce 'Drunk In Love' Music Video

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T never said how he got this information–he just called them “age mates” which makes me wonder if this is true. But, this kind of stuff happens in Hollywood all the time–I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor Swift was really 60…she does adore those granny swimsuits (love you, Tay!)

Beyonce has also been accused of being slightly older than she claims. Good Morning America host Bianna Golodryga once said she and my dance idol went to high school together, which would make the singer more like 35, not 32.

Tell me loves, what do you think? Do you not believe for a second that Jay and Bey would tell a lie, or are you searching frantically to find their fountain of youth?

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  1. kudzy Said:


  2. Mandy Said:

    They could very well be older than they are,but age is just a number. They are both very entertaining and break it down with class.

    Mandy Hatty

  3. Susanne Said:

    Who cares… They are both aweome and both super in what they do.

  4. rickie yesenia Said:

    I think it’s sad how they cant even keep their age private. It must be hard to live life when everything about you is scrutinized like you are something under a microscope. Who cares if they lie about their age…I’ve lied about mine too! Just let them be!

  5. Rob Said:

    This is a load of bull, I could be a celebrity and they I think obama is actually 80 but used plastic surgery to sort his looks, doesn’t mean it’s law. And the other woman who said she went to school with bey could’ve easily been a senior, but if rumours were actually true then these lot are wearing the age well..

  6. kira Said:

    he is going to be 45 in december

  7. Cass Said:

    Beyonce has lived almost her entire life in the spotlight, if she was lying about her age wouldn’t she have had to start doing it from the beginning?

  8. Angellica Said:

    I think it does not matter what age they are. it will not make a big difference at all. it is what it is at the end of everything. people lie about more serious things everyday so just because they are in the “public eye” its such a big deal. GET OVER IT!!!!

  9. Marini Said:

    going to the same high school does not mean you were in the same grade…smh and who is that dude, you make claims you gotta come with facts not just your word

  10. hannah Said:

    Who gives a flying rat’s ass how old they are? Talent doesn’t have an age. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they are both successful in what they do. And if they are older than what they say, they still look hella good for their age. I don’t think it’s true, and even if the girl went to school with her, it doesn’t mean they were in the same grade or the same age. There is a potential 5 year difference in HS ages. (Depending on bdays) But seriously I personally DGAF

  11. Shannin Said:

    Who cares!!! There’s more important things going on in the world than their ages. Why aren’t you worried about that!!!

  12. mimi Said:

    ain’t nobody curr.

  13. luan gabriel Said:

    n importa oq importa que ela e diva ne foda

  14. Brianna Blackwell Said:

    Doesn’t matter how old they are…they are still great at what they do!

  15. Anonymous Said:

    Who gives a shit free country y shit !!!!

  16. Queen B Said:

    Who Cares They got 99 problems and her age ain’t one

  17. Jake Said:

    When I was 10 years old I remember Jay-Z on MTv raps in 1989. It was Hawaii Silky, God I hated that song. I’m 36 now , he had to be 19 or 20 then in 1989. He is a modern marvel. To come out in 1989 and reappear as Son.Mega a Rap God

  18. Jay Said:

    Beyonce phony as hell. its been known that she’s older than her stage age. yup she’s about 35-36 she never looked as young as she claimed. There was a video on youtube where I think it was kelly or her mama that let it slide.

  19. Gemma Said:

    Who cares what age they are, I have never heard one of them say I am this age get over it they are two amazingly talented people and that’s all that matters.

  20. Shunda Said:

    Who cares… Quit hatin’ on Bey and Jay… And some people need to learn how to spell and write b4 making a statement.

    Who gives a damn how old they are and what business is it of yours? What are you lying about?

  21. fire Said:

    I call this whole website bullshit and a pathetic excuse if you really want a story then start with one saying 50 homeless people got fed or some shit.

  22. Shelly Said:

    They could both come out as being 60 and would still be awesome. #nostoryhere

  23. awesome Said:

    Yes jay should be 50 already cos eminem is 42. And beyonce she either be 38 or 39 cos u can’t tell me shakira is older than beyonce and shakira is 39 this year already.

  24. hippie Said:

    They lied about conceiving a child..why not lie about their age…

  25. Pam Said:

    Their ages are public record. Age doesn’t change them or their success. And the woman or man here who believes she faked her child’s conception has the I.Q. of a knat. What a horrible website this is. This is just the second article and both are WRONG and made up. Guess it’s for all the negative people who have no life and vent with stupidity and hatred. Get a life. Nice to see the comments from people defending this cute and extremely successful family.

  26. Iris Spanks Said:

    Yes we know Jay Z is pretty up in age and Beyoncé may be also, but when you got that type of bread they could care less what you or I believe.

  27. Sunny from south African NMZ Said:

    Who really cares about their age? Let em rock and rolling

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