Jennette McCurdy’s Mean Tweet About Her Ex

Meow, Upper East Siders! You know there’s nothing I love more than a good diss, and  Jennette McCurdy has certainly entertained me with a good one today. The seemingly sweet but brutally honest actress posted a slap-in-your-face tweet this morning referring to one of her exes, which I can only assume is NBA player Andre Drummond (who was rumored to be the one who leaked those racy pics of J earlier this year.) Behold the harsh words:

Ouch, darlings! Did she get insult inspiration from Amanda Bynes?

Tell me loves, would you (or have you) ever insulted an ex on social media? Or do you much prefer to say it straight to their (ugly) face? XOXO

Jennette McCurdy




  1. randomgirl Said:

    Haha I’m sorry but that’s actually pretty funny. And mean.
    But funny too. lolololol

  2. Val Said:

    This is real mean but hilarious, he must be a real jerk to make her say this and c’mon there are so many jerks around there that totally deserve the same or more, this is just a little slice of girl power you know, so, Jennete Rocks!

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