Is The Katniss Braid Boring and Overdone? Jennifer Lawrence Says Yes!

While it’s important for any It Girl to have a signature style, it’s also necessary to spice things up every now and then. Just ask Blair Waldorf–she rocked the headbands, but also sported lots of other cute hairstyles. Too bad Jennifer Lawrence‘s stylists on The Hunger Games don’t get the importance of ‘do diversity.

The Oscar winning actress revealed that if she could change anything about her character Katniss Everdeen, it would be her hairstyle: “I’m bored of her braid,” she confessed. “I keep asking ‘Can’t I just wear my hair differently?’ But they keep saying no.”

Are you with J.Law on this? Should Katniss be sporting something new this time around, or would changing her signature style be a travesty? Tell me in a comment!

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  1. Paige Said:

    I understand Jennifer’s boredom with the signature braid of her character Katniss however her braid is part of the character and I feel as though it would be weird to see Katniss without a braid.

  2. Dave Said:

    It is a big part of Katness & it can’t be reaced with out leaving the book.

  3. Alexa Said:

    Although she may be bored of the hairstyle it isn’t necessarily up to her nor is it up to her stylist. Katniss was depicted a certain way in the book series and has to maintain her characteristics.

  4. Margo Said:

    I understand J’s POV but the braid is signature Katniss.

  5. Katia Said:

    It would be really hard to be in the hunger games if your hair was styled. The braid is practical for the character, if she changed it she would be to much like the people from the capital, she would loose her practical heroin look.

  6. GB Said:

    No, the braid is a big part in the book – her mum does it and it stays with her the whole way through – they are right to say no to her.

  7. Blair Waldrof Said:

    My signature style was my headband… in the same way Katnisses braid is her signature style. Jennifer Lawrence, as adorable as you are, get over it. its a price you have to pay to enter my kind of world.

  8. Massie Block Said:

    To the comment above me:
    First, you spelled Blair’s last name wrong. Second, Katnisses should be Katniss’ not Katnisses. Third, it’s should be capitalized, and it should be it’s.

    To Jen:
    I’m glad your stylists are telling you no. Don’t change it. Hunger Games fans will be horribly upset with you, if you change the braid or her hairstyle.

  9. Norely Smith Said:

    I think she should be able to change her her in this second movie because the braid was only a major part of the character in the first movie. She’s essential a new person after winning the Games, so her hairstyle should reflect her newly found richness.

  10. Nien Said:

    well i agree with her, even although its her signature, it doesnt mean that she always wears it like that…

  11. Bianca Said:

    Somehow it could be awesome to see something new on katniss, but no they should’nt change the hair, it is katniss’ identety not Jeniffers, it is only a character she has to play, she does not have to go around on the Streets with the hair, so just let katniss be katniss and Jeniffer be Jeniffer

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