Love or Loathe: Jennifer Lawrence’s New Hair Style

Jennifer Lawrence is beginning to discover the problem with short hair: there aren’t a plethora of ways to wear it. While long locks can be braided, bunned and curled, short hair just kind of does what it does, which is why I always advise against it–a girl needs her options, you know.

But Jen seems determined to find as many ways to wear her new ‘do, and for that minions, I applaud her. Although I’m not so sure that her latest look at the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a winner:

jennifer lawrence


Hm. I want to like this style–so rakish and fun and devil-may-care–but the result is just too masculine and boyish. Maybe if she had tucked her strands behind her ears it would look a bit more feminine.

Personally, I think she should just admit her defeat and get extensions until this whole mess grows out. She may have one of the most flawless faces in all of Hollywood, but this soccer mom style is hard for anyone to pull off and still look lovely.

What’s your take on her new ‘do? Does she need to keep her short hair sleek and slicked back, or is this wild look working?


  1. Marilyn Said:

    I loved her long hair… :(

  2. Liv Said:

    She pulls it off, and what’s wrong with short hair on a girl? What do you mean there are no ‘options’ if a girl has short hair? Ever heard of ‘fake hair?’ Much more playful than long hair, you can have different coloured, style hair ANYTIME you want without DAMAGING your real hair = =

  3. NME Said:

    WELL EVERYBODY’S got choices in life,same as ideas

  4. Barbi Said:

    I really loved her long hair. She was so pretty. She is still pretty, but she would be beautyful with her old hairstyle

  5. Madeline Said:

    I think that everyone should stop hating on women who cut their hair short. We are liberated women and everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their hair! Long or short hair, she looks beautiful and sassy. Do not compare her to Miley Cyrus just because she is another confidant blonde who decided to go against gender norms created by our society: where woman are only pretty if they have long hair ! It is not fair !

  6. Maddlin Said:

    i miss her long hair… :( it was so gorgeous. shes still pretty but personally i like her better with long hair. i hope she grows it out.

  7. Lilli Said:

    I have short hair myself! There are so many options and ways to style it <3

  8. Necili Said:

    I think that she look quite awesome!

  9. Irsalina Said:

    Well, I think she’s still pretty with that short-chicky-evil hair style. And so what with boyish style? Boyish style is cool

  10. Bex Said:

    I really loved her long hair, but she rocks this as well :)

  11. Vanessa Said:

    She’d look hot bald, even… Plus who cares, as long as She’s happy with it, which she has every right to be.

  12. grace g. Said:

    I don’t care ..long, short, bald, i love her just the same..she talks like Jen, she laughs like Jen, and the Jlaw stare in her eyes is still there. It is all that matters.i will still like her if she gets fat, old and if everyone turns their back on her.. she will still be my number one idol..

  13. Brooke Said:

    Having my hair hitting my neck for the first time in two years I am EXTREMELY jealous!! Lawerence is absolutely stunning with short hair!! I miss mine already!!

  14. Is Said:


  15. Emma Said:

    Sure, I preferred her long hair, but as short hair styles go, I actually quite like this x

  16. Jeffrey Said:

    Now it even looks better.

  17. Kristin Said:

    I did love her long hair, but she has the perfect face for this style. Its different, individual and unique which is what she advocates

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