Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk, Puked In Front of Miley Cyrus at Oscars After Party

When Miley Cyrus says you need to get it together, that’s bad news my friend. During a recent interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers (which is set to air May 21), Jennifer Lawrence recalled a memorable moment from an Oscars after-party this year, but I’m sure she’d like to forget it altogether.

An audience member at the taping spilled to Us Weekly that J.Law admitted to being wasted and puked on the stairs at Madonna’s party. “Miley walked by and said something like, ‘Get it together, girl!'” the source said.

I can’t think of anything more embarrassing… and yes, while the whole getting sick in public thing is horrible, I’m actually talking about Miley’s response. The girl who rides hot dogs and uses a screen to remember her own song lyrics on stage offering advice on how to control yourself in public? Maybe that’s when you re-evaluate your life.

Jennifer Lawrence 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party


JK! You know I love Jen, even if she’s made a mistake or two. I personally don’t know what that’s like, but I welcome any and all celebs to do so–that is, after all, my daily fuel. XOXO


  1. Amy Said:

    Yet if this was Kristen Stewart you’d be bitching about how disgusting she is but because it’s Jennifer Lawrence it’s okay for her to ‘make a few mistakes’. They do the exact same things yet one is slated for it and another is praised and loved.

  2. Charlotte Said:

    @Amy I couldn’t agree more

  3. Rani Said:

    Don’t you think it’s not fair? When one artist can do any mistakes and get pat on the back for that while the others doing one mistake and everyone will laugh for that for the rest of their lifes?

  4. Maisy Said:

    She is 21 and drinking alcohol isn’t illegal.
    Most people who drink have over done it once or twice and being young you don’t know your limits as well as you do when you are older.
    She’s only human and she admitted it was a horrible moment.
    We make mistakes and learn from them… but if we continuously make the same mistakes over and over again it is our own fault.

  5. Pepper Said:

    Ok so guys, she isnt being praised, its like, ‘oh god, how shameful but we still love her’ not ‘omg she is great because she puked, good job Jen!!’ and so whilst I agree had this been a different celebrity perhaps the whole ‘love her anyway’ wouldn’t have happened, but perhaps this is because it is out of character for Jen, as well as the fact that she is just SO stunning how could you not just giggle at the story and move on.

  6. Laura Said:

    you can make a mistake once… you don’t have to repeat them. Besides everybody makes mistakes and she learned from them. It’s not because she is Jennifer or what so ever that people are okay with it, they are okay with it because she admits her fault and tries to not make them again.

  7. Ally Said:

    Ohmygod how old are you seriously, it happens. Things like that happen, ffs. She was wasted at a party, so what ? It isn’t the end of the world, no one is going to die because she got drunk.
    I just hope her hangover wasn’t too bad, ahah.

  8. Amy Said:

    It has nothing to do with ‘it’s not just because it’s Jennifer that people are okay with it’ it’s the fact that, like I said, if this was Kristen Stewart or a celebrity that this website deems ‘trash’ then this article would’ve been written so differently and be totally negative. I’ve no issues with Jennifer but it’s the double standards of this website that annoy me, the proof is above where the site has made a derogatory comment about Miley whilst making excuses for Jen all cause they like her

  9. Jessica Said:

    Is it REALLY a double standard? Maybe J. Law is just more classy and likable than K. Stew. I see your point to an extent but it’s not like K. Stew and J. Law have equally successful careers with similar personalities and it’s not like K. Stew is scandal free. If that were the case, then it would be a double standard. If the public were to judge, say, Emma Watson for this but not J. Law, that would be a double standard. Both are very successful, well-liked as people, and scandal free.

  10. anon Said:

    Miley doesn’t use a screen to remember her lyrics… the lyrics are for the audience morons..

  11. M Said:

    I used to really like Jen but I think she’s a bit of a hypocrite. Obviously I don’t know her at all and she can do what she wants. But maybe she should just be herself.

  12. joanne Said:

    it was jlaw who puked but it was miley who was insulted…. I’m a huge fan of jlaw btw

  13. Richard Said:

    Who the hell cares. What a stupid article trying to make sense out of a party foul. So Jennifer Lawerence barfed from drinking too much. Good for her. So just because Miley Cyrus said “Get it together’ shows nothing groundbreaking about that. I’m sure there was other people helping J Law get it together. Sometimes you need some help. Stupid article and I’ve read a few that are similar. Ever heard a dog bark up the wrong tree…Its very similar to the articles on this site.

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