Love or Loathe: Jennifer Lawrence

Spotted: Jennifer Lawrence draped in a Jason Wu velvet dress for the premiere of her new movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past in NYC. At first I tres loathed this dress but actually, the more I look at it, the more I like it. That never happens.

jennifer lawrence X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST" Global Premiere


But, leave it to J.Law to surprise me. While spaghetti-strap crushed velvet dresses are just so 90s–and you know I loathe all things 90s, darlings–I have a feeling that this gown looked better IRL than it photographs, and for that fact I give her a pass. From the neck down, at least. I’m not at all feeling her hair, are you? And while the accessories–what few there are–do coordinate with the dress, they don’t make enough of an impact and feel like an afterthought.

But am I being nit-picky? Does Jen look luxe or is this throwback style a serious misstep?

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  1. AJ Said:

    Seriously LOVE this look! Only JLaw could pull this off and look, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

  2. Gabby Said:

    You’re completely correct! I was at the premiere and it looked way better in person than it does in all these pictures. Pictures don’t do her beauty justice! & she’s also really thin, it looked like she had lost a little weight :/

  3. Jenny Said:

    Well, she doesn’t look terrible, but it’s definitely not her best look. The dress makes her waist look too wide.. It’s an OK look.

  4. Didy Said:

    She’s amazing..

  5. Jorge Said:

    It makes her boobies look saggy but it does look good on her… OF COURSE

  6. Dan Said:

    I love this dress. Yes, the material is a little outdated, but it emphasizes her figure (which is amazing) without showing too much. Her makeup and hair, while not fitting the ensemble completely, are very JLaw… I think it looks better without all the light reflecting off of the dress. It would create a nice contrast… light hair and makeup, dark dress. I give it a 8.75 out of 10. I’ve seen her wear better, but I’ve also seen her wear much worse.

  7. Eugenia Said:

    The dress would have seemed ugly to me on someone else… but the hair… it is just too much. Maybe it is a bad picture of her, but she definitely does not look her best on here.

  8. sharon Said:

    Is she barefoot?!

  9. alexandra Said:

    I didn’t like 90s clothes in the 90s. I do like 90s inspired clothing because they are now better fitting. I love this dress! You have to own a great body to pull this dress off and she has it. I’m sure it looked 100 times better in person. The dress is so simple it depends on the cut, texture, and color of the fabric. The hair and nail polish is another thing; All she needs is the horrible frosted lip gloss. May I suggest some nude nail polish, cute short curls, and a bright lip?

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